Fueling System Bracket Modification and Trail Work

Wednesday February 28, 2024 Guerneville CA.

I started out the day fueling up Skiddy.fuel1

My pump apparatus gets the job done quickly without too much fuss.fuel2

Adapting the Fueling Bracket

After that, I  had a look at what I needed to do to adapt the fuel system to the side by side as I’ll likely use that to fuel up instead of the quad eventually. I wanted to be able to use either one of them so I had to figure out a way to adapt the bracket to both of them.bracket3

I will use this part for the quad and make a new part for the side by side and make the top part to fit both bottom brackets.bracket4

Chain hook welding

But first, I welded a hook on the Skiddy bucket to hook a chain to in case I wanted to use Skiddy to left something up using a chain.hook5

Back to the bracket job

I decided to cut the rod on the bracket so I could put the top part on either machine once I make the part that will go on the side by side.

I found a bolt of the right size to fit into that little pipe and welded the bolt to the top part of the bracket with the hoses.bolt6

Here’s the bottom part of the quad bracket attached to the top hose part after I welded a small piece of pipe to it.bracket7

It’s just a slip joint.pipe8

I didn’t feel like  making the side by side bracket yet and I thought a couple hours up in the hills working on my trail would be good for some exercise so I rode on up there.

Just a bunch of blue sky today from the overlook.blue9

I walked out the trail with the Sawzall to where I’d left off last time.trail10

I worked on widening out this part.trail11

Sawzall hurts

I’ve discovered that the Sawzall is real hard on my hand, wrist and arm and the right arm side hurts now from cutting so many roots out yesterday. My wrist is sending me some sharp pains. So today, I used the other arm and tried not to cut very many of the roots to give my arms a break.

Headed home

After a good couple of hours work, I headed on home down this trail and stopped here to move some sticks off the trail.quad13

I moved these and some other sticks off the trail. These are redwood limbs that fell in the last big storm.sticks14

Nice day.

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