Fueling Up and Getting Back To Our Favorite Camp Spot

Monday June 19, 2023 Murdock’s Meadow, Plumas National Forest  CA.

We decided to continue down the road we were camped on as it went south, the same as highway 395 which we had been on. We weren’t sure we could get through and out on this road. The way to find out was to take it.

It started out like this, a good road.road1


But eventually it turned to this.vans2


Mud holes

We got out to have a look at the road and decided it had too many mud holes in it for our liking.marty3


We turned around and headed on back on the road to highway 395, south.395


Fueling at Janesville

We were headed to Janesville to fuel our rigs and get some propane for Marty’s cook stove.

We did that and then headed out of town, south to the forest where we had camped earlier on this trip, down this paved road that went almost to our camp spot.road5


Our camp spot was at the far end of this meadow.meadow6


Favorite camp spot

This one has become our favorite camp spot. It’s centrally located to explore this area.camp7


This is the road in to our camp spot.meado8



After a rest, I walked up along the creek to see if I could spot the beaver that lives here.walk9


I think it lives under that big rock on the left as every time I come up here it does a warning splash just in front of it.creek10


I walked up to the water’s edge quietly but didn’t’ see anything. As I was picking up a rock to splash into the water, I heard the beaver’s warning splash right out in front of me, but it was gone before I could spot it.

I walked in a circle around the camp and headed on back through this area.camp11


This is the creek that runs by our camp.creek13


Looking for the beaver

In the evening I walked up the creek again to see if I could spot the beaver, but it was no where around.creek15


This duck chased something down the creek and caught it. It’s eating it, but I can’t make out what it is.duck14


It’s been a bit cloudy and windy today. The clouds have been putting on a show.clouds16


Nice day.

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