Exploring, Looking For Access Points on Last Chance Creek

Monday June 5, 2023 Plumas National Forest CA.

Last night’s camp

We had a nice restful camp spot last night.

We get up and sit around the camp most of the morning before taking off for the days exploration.

Since our camp was on a ridge top, we drove on down this road to the main road and on down the hill, headed to a big meadow.road1


Squaw Meadow

We were headed down to this big meadow, called Squaw Valley. There’s a creek in this meadow called Squaw Queen’s Creek. We want to follow it back to the  other creek we’ve been exploring to find the access points to the creek from the roads. There aren’t  many access points.meadow3


We entered the valley and stopped here to check our maps to see which way to go. We do that often.vans4


We started heading across the valley.meadow5


And crossed Squaw Queen’s Creek here where we stopped to have a look at it.culverts6


We stopped at this intersection to check our maps again and started out this road to an access point, that looked like the road crossed the creek at the access point according to the map. ………But.roads7


Most of the road was in pretty good shape, although a bit rocky.roads8


And the  meadow had lots of wild flowers in it.flowers8


We always got out to check any of this kind of water crossing for mud, rocks and holes.puddle10


We were getting near the access point and the end of the road and the creek looked real nice.creek11


But .3ths of a mile from the access point, the road turned to this. We could make it through, but it’s just not worth the risk of breaking something, so we turned around and explored the other way.road12


We drove back out to Squaw Valley and followed the creek there . This road looked like it was a recent fire break as it was wide but mostly in good shape until we got to the end where it turned into a creek.road13


Something red

But before we got to the end, I spotted something red by the side of the road so stopped to check it out.

A snow flower in it’s prime.flower14


Dead end

The road was supposed to go on through, but it stopped when it turned into a creek which might be passible when the creek dries up later.

We were in need of a camp spot for the night so we took a little side road near the end of the main road and found this spot.

Since we entered Squaw Valley this morning, the mosquitos have been few which has been real nice.

We got out our chairs and cooked dinner before some thunder and real light rain drove us back into our vans until it stopped just before dark.camp15


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Thank goodness the mosquitoes let up. Do you ever zoom in with Google maps or send the drone ahead?

  2. Thomas A Noble says:

    you should be looking for morels in those burn areas

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