Headed to Likely to Get Propane,…………..But

Sunday June 18, 2023 Modoc National Forest CA.

Headed to Likely CA.

Marty needed propane so I let the GPS stuff find a way out of the forest to Likely where there was supposed to be some propane for sale.,,,,,,,,,,,,But.

Anyway, we had about 17 miles of forest roads to get through to get to highway 395 where Likely was located.

We started out on this road from last night’s camp spot.road1


The way was slow and bumpy, but not hard going.vans2


A reflection I messed with. You figure it out. :O)reflections


The road out wasn’t very well travelled.road4


We went by this reservoir which was full to the top.road5


We were concerned about this water on the road, but drove on the dry part on the right to get past it.road6


I  made a wrong turn and we ended up at this reservoir where we had to turn around and get back on the right road.vans7


We drove by these horses that were on a big ranch.horses8


Big circle

We stopped to watch these guys mowing this big field that was on one of those big circle watering devices, on the right.grass9



We finally made it to Likely but no propane. The store was closed on Sunday.likely10


We changed our plans and decided to head south, down to Janesville, so headed that way.

But Marty said his eyes were closing so we stopped at this spot to let him nap.cattle11


While he was napping I looked at the map and found the road where we stopped was a Refuse Viewing road, so we decided to go up a ways and make camp for the day.

We turned off the main road here to a camp spot.van12


This will have to do for the night. Not bad actually.camp12


And this place has cell phone service, so I can post this blog.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Headed to Likely to Get Propane,…………..But

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    That certainly looks like an untraveled road! You always seem to get out of the places you get into. ☺️

  2. Ken Solbakken says:

    As always I’m enjoying your trials and tribulations on your travels. As for needing a quick nap I can truly relate to. Summer is slowly showing its face here in Sonoma County.

    Safe travels, Ken

  3. Gaelyn says:

    Finding some real pretty places. Have you tried the iOverlander app for sites?

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