Gate Repair, Unplugged the Water Line and Broke Up a Big Rock

Monday April 4, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Front gate repair

I’m waiting for my new automatic gate opener to arrive tomorrow. In the mean time I needed to fix one of the hinges and adjust the gate.gate1


Hinge work

You can see the gap on top of the top washer so the gate isn’t riding properly.gap2


I got another big washer and cut it so I could push it in under the other washers to fill up the gap, like this, and I put some grease on the washers too.wsshers3



And then I got out the big wrench and made some more adjustments on the screws for the hinges. Now it all works real smooth and is ready for the new parts.bolts4


Pugged water line

After some chair hopping and some taking it easy in the yard I rode the quad runner up into the hills where I found the plugged up spring pipe yesterday. I took the pipes apart  here.pipes5


And plugged up the pipe that went down the hill so the water from the upper pipe will push out whatever is plugging up the other pipe going to the right.plug9


The sorrel is blooming and soon there will be other wild flowers blooming too.sorrel6


This is the other end of the plugged up water pipe. Water is just starting to flow out of it so it’s getting unplugged.waterpipe7



Now the water is flowing nicely so I can put it all back together and pronounce it fixed.water8


Trail work

Then I rode the quad up this trail to work on a big rock that’s in the way.trail10


I parked the quad here where the big rock is at near the waterfall.quad11


Big rock

This is the big rock that is in the way and is too big for me to move so that’s what the sledge hammer is for.rock11


Little rocks

Ten or twenty hits with the big hammer and the big rock is now little rocks so now I can move the pieces out of the way.rock12


Once that was done I rode the quad runner down to this spot to have a look at some stuff for later work.quad13


Old stumps

Then I rode on down the hill stopping to look at this area where there our some old stumps from trees cut down long ago, like before 1900. As you can see when a redwood tree is cut down more trees sprout out of each stump area from the cut trees roots. Redwood trees are hard to kill.stumps14


Back at home I spent the rest of the day sitting around with the chickens and just enjoying the day.

Info on the Hermit

I just heard that the Hermit is still kicking from a friend.

He says this:  Saw his caretaker Tim today – Nathan’s recuperating at Santa Rosa Providence Hospital and doing okay. He’s still on the decline but hopeful to make it back into the park with some potential in-home hospice.

Nice day.

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