Working On My Rebar Garden and Chicken Run Enclosures

Saturday April 21, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Working with rebar

Today was a day to work on the garden and chicken run enclosures that needed to get built so I can use them.

I started out building this gate into an enclosure I made yesterday, but first I had to figure out it’s size and where and how to mount the hinges so that’s what’s happening in this photo.hinges1


Making gates

Once I knew what size to make things I cut up some rebar to size and welded it together to form a gate in one of the end panels.gate2


Welded up gate

Here’s the mostly finished gate. gate3


Handles would be good

I thought it could use a handle, something simple and easy to make. So I thought a bit and came up with this, just a small rod with a washer welded on it. I can grab it with one hand and it should work just fine. Much better than no handle.handle


I finished three of these today

Here’s one of the finished products. Well, almost finished as it still needs the wire installed on it.gate5


I kicked three of those out today, working on them most of the day.

Big stump in the way

In the evening, I chair hopped and did some more planning for my chicken coop and runs. Seems there’s a big stump in the way from an olive tree I cut down last winter that is in the way of the coop.

I’m going to have to cut some of the stump away, so I dug around it and cleared the dirt from the sides so I can cut a piece of it off with my chain saw which I will do tomorrow. I also have to install a couple of pier blocks for the chicken house skids to rest on which I will also do tomorrow.

That was pretty much my day.

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