Getting a Couple of Things Done Before It Rained

Friday March 22, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was supposed to be raining today by the time I got up, but it wasn’t, yet.

So I had a little time to get a couple of things done, maybe.

I moved some of this leaf mulch to the ruts made by the tractor the other day when Tom trimmed my avocado tree. I got  the mulch  here from the forest trees dropping their leaves.mulch

And moved it to here. See the ruts from the tractor.ruts

I’s dump the mulch and and load the cut up avocado trimming branches and haul them away.mullched

I put the firewood  here. It started to sprinkle and I was ready to quit but then the shower stopped so I was able to get more done.wood

I got this much done before the showers showed up again so put the wheelbarrow away as it looked like the rain was going to continue.mulching


But before I quit, I put two sacks of fertilizer out on my apricot trees and cherry trees and the blueberry patch so the rain could wash it into the ground.ferdlizer

So the rain held off for about forty five minutes after I got started on these projects and it rained the rest of the day so it was an in the house type of day.

Nice day.

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One Response to Getting a Couple of Things Done Before It Rained

  1. KennyD says:

    I see you are using a wheel barrow a lot around your place. You might be interested in an electric powered model. I got one and it is amazing. You don’t push it anymore, it pulls you. Mine pulls 200 pounds of stove pellets up a pretty steep slope from garage to house with no problem. Even pulls me right along with it. That does take a little getting used to.

    Before I got the electric one, used to have to load them into the john deere bucket and move them that way to get them closer anyway. With the electric wheelbarrow, can get them right up to the back door. Lots less carrying of bags. I just love the thing. It makes anything you need a wheelbarrow for a breeze now.

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