Getting My Drone Going and Flying It With Rainbow Software

Friday August 12, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Seems he had a good reason to squeal like a stuck pig

I talked to Barry today. He said he had x-rays and he has a couple of broken ribs, so I think he had reason to squeal a bit. Things like that take an older person some time to heal up. Such is life. He’ll be riding again soon, a couple of broken ribs won’t slow him down for long.

Let’s get the drone going

My cell phone died on me a while back so I bought a new one which was much updated than my older one.

When I tired to load my DJI drone flying software , it wouldn’t load on the new phone which was a bummer as I could no longer fly my drone. It said software not compatible.

Rainbow app

I considered buying another phone but I didn’t really want to spend the money on another one. I did a lot of searching around and ran into this drone flying software by another company than my drones called Rainbow.

Not really free

It was supposed to be free but after flying it a few times it said I’d have to buy it to use it to fly more.

Well that software worked better than the drone manufacturer’s original one that worked on my old phone so I didn’t have much choice.

Drone stuff

Anyway, I got all the stuff to fly out and gave it a try.drone


Get er flying

I downloaded the app to my phone and it set up well with my drone and I was flying again in a short time with very little hassle. After several test flights it informed me that I would have to buy in if I wanted to fly anymore.bob4


It cost 15 bucks per year which isn’t the way I like to buy software, but then again it worked so good I bought in and then took it up for some more testing.flyer9



My place from the drone’s view.home3


Armstrong Valley Farm

One of Tom’s gardens.gardens4


One more of Tom’s gardens looking up Sweetwater valley to the east of me, towards Mount Jackson Lookout.garden7


Family property goes up through here

The hills where we ride the dirt bikes. The hill in the center is where the hammock is at the Top of the World , where we take a break often while riding the dirt bikes.hills2


The grassy hilltops is where another neighbor lives that I visit. It’s up behind Armstrong state reserve park which is down in this valley.hilltops6


Armstrong Valley view

And this is the view down the valley towards Guerneville from over my place which Tom’s garden in the lower right bottom of the picture.valley8


Rainbow software

I was impressed with the software and it does some interesting things that the drone manufacture’s doesn’t. But now I will have to learn how to do those things, eventually.

It’s good to have my drone flying again, so now I can practice flying with it and hopefully become a better pilot.

Dirt bike ride

Late in the afternoon I rode the dirt bike up into the hills to get some exercise riding around, then I rode on over to where I was working on the trail and got some exercise there too.

I worked there on the trail until about 7PM and went on home for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Oh poor Barry … broken ribs hurt every time you breathe. Hope he heals up fast. Cool drone pictures. I’ve always wanted to try it. $15 a year sounds pretty reasonable. Great you found that and it works!!

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