A Day Of Trimming the Roads We Ride Our Dirt Bikes On

Wednesday July 26, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Bike riding work

Barry showed up in the yard this morning which meant we’d go for a dirt bike ride up in the forest.

Financial adviser

Barry tends to be my financial adviser as he’s into it much more than I am so we worked on setting up my new financial account on the internet which went pretty good. It’s good to have an adviser.

Dirt bike work

We rode around a bit then rode on over to my cousin’s place and spent the rest of the time trimming out branches that might hit us in the face on her roads which was a lot of work.

We’d ride a bit then stop and trim branches off the road, then ride a bit more and trim some more. Eventually we’ll come back to this spot with a chainsaw and cut the bigger trees out off the road. Today, we are just doing small branches with hand trimmers.trimming


Ridge top  rest area

By the time we got up to the ridge top where we take a break, we were beat, or at least I was. We spent a good deal of time up on the ridge top resting up and shooting the bull.resting


Just a little more

After a good rest, Barry says we’ll just go down the ridge road and trim it out, then ride back up it and work our way home. I didn’t  have much energy left, but I said ok and we took off. We were riding just past this spot up one of the steeper roads. When we were on the steepest part, I saw Barry ahead stopped at some big downed trees across the road. I got stopped on the steep part, just below those trees and now I had to get the bike turned around and headed back down the hill, without falling over. I took my time and turned around real slow and didn’t fall over and made it back down to this spot.barry


We decided we’d done enough trimming and worked our way back home.

Trail cam

We did stop at the spring where I had the trail cam set up too high to get any pictures of critters and readjusted it down at a lower level to hopefully get some pictures of the critters that are getting drinks of water at the new spring.

Back home, I was real beat, so went in for a nap and that was pretty much it for  me today.

Nice day.

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