Good Rain Storm, Apricot Trees, Citrus, Dentist and Maybe Some Flooding

Wednesday February 12, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Big storm hits

That big storm came in last night and boy did it rain and it’s still raining.

Today I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon so with it still raining like hell I planned what I could to get done before the afternoon appointment.

My brother’s for apricot trees

I first was headed to Healdsburg to pick up three small apricot trees from  my brother Mike who had started them from seed.

Can’t go that way

I was going to go the back roads way and stay off the freeway so I took Eastside road which I thought would be high enough not to be effected from high water. I travelled a few miles down the road when I came to a flooded road closed sign so I turned around and headed back and hit the road to the freeway.

The rain was coming down like cats and dogs going up the freeway and the closer I got to Healdsburg the harder it was coming down.

It’s raining harder than it looks going up the freeway.rain


My brother’s place

It was raining even harder as I approached my brother’s house. He grows citrus trees for their fruit so I was hoping to get some of those too along with the apricot trees.

This was my view as I turned into his driveway raining hard.raining


Rounding up the trees

We had to go out into the rain and round up the three apricot trees and it was a a bit muddy. They barely fit into the car and I broke a lot of branches getting them in there but they’ll grow back. I need to get them planted in the next couple of days before I leave on my trip.

Yes I’ll take some fruit

My brother offered me some oranges and lemons so I got some of each.

I still had a long time until my afternoon dentist appointment so I went to Santa Rosa to a Chinese market and bought a bunch of instant noodles for my trip.

More shopping

It was still too early so I went to a large grocery store and did some more shopping for my trip.

Peaceful spot

After that I headed to Forestville where my Dentist works. I was still an hour and a half early so I pulled into the cemetery there to have a snooze until it was time for my appointment.


I snoozed here along with all the other people here. Of course they all snoozed much better than I.floweres


I left there when I had about a half hour to go for my appointment and headed to the dentist office.

Bad news at the dentist

I was hoping to just get an adjustment on  my last crown we did, but no, she had to find another bad tooth that would also need a crown replaced. I scheduled an appointment when I get back from my trip to Arizona.

I thought about getting this done in Mexico while I was down that way, but I don’t have papers to cross the border so that’s out.

It was still raining hard as I drove on home for the day.

Sounds like the area is going to get some flooding

I was hoping to maybe go for a yak tomorrow as the rain was supposed to let up a bit, but I hear it will likely flood around Guerneville tomorrow so if I was to go I’d only have to drive down the road about a mile to put in so the yakking is likely not going to happen.

My place is out of the flood zone thanks to my Great Grandfather not settling in the flood zone many years ago.

That was it for me today. I stayed fairly dry most of the time.

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2 Responses to Good Rain Storm, Apricot Trees, Citrus, Dentist and Maybe Some Flooding

  1. George Yates says:

    You did get some things taken care of and almost managed to stay dry. Nice that you are on higher ground and nit in the flood zone. Soon all sticked up for you trip to Arizona.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    A rainy day didn’t stop you at all. Nice that you got some apricot trees, you will enjoy those. Your brother sure sounds like he has a lot of garden stuff – veggies plus fruit!
    Too bad about the Mexico papers, you’d save a bundle on your teeth. We’re spoiled now and will hate to have to resort to Canada’s prices when we stop traveling.

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