Got Corned So I Throw Out the Food and Start Over

Monday January 6, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Corny day yuck

It was cool out as I got it going today as it had frosted last night.

It was a bad sleeping night as something I’ve been eating has some corn stuff in it and I don’t know what.

The only thing to do is throw away any stuff I’ve made up to eat and start over being more conservative in my cooking.

Once I got up and going I went back to bed for a nap as that’s the best I can do sometimes.

Chickens get a treat

Eventually I rounded up all my prepared food and took it out to the chickens. At least I have a good place to put this stuff instead of in the garbage. It’s a real treat for the chickens. It was mostly beans and rice today.

Cook day

In the afternoon I went out to see what kind of veggies I could round up from the gardens. Lots of carrots in the gardens.  I found some cabbage and winter squash in my brothers storage unit and added some more stuff like potatoes and onions and put it on to boil for two hours to make a nice brothy stew.

While I was getting that together I also got out two cups of Navy beans and put them in the instant pot with another cup of beans my brother grew that are real good and go well with the smaller navy beans. I add an onion and some salt and pepper. Cook 50 minutes without a soak and they come out real good.

The beans just got done and they are very good, I couldn’t stop at one bowl and had two.

Stews on

And I just got the vegetable stew on so now I’ll have some hopefully no corn food on the table or at least in the fridge.

It’s not over quick

Once I get hit by corn it’s not over in just one day. It’s more like a couple weeks or so if I can stop consuming it. Once hit all I have to do is eat or drink anything, it doesn’t have to have corn in it  and I get hit again for a couple weeks so it’s bad stuff. And if the food I continue to eat is corned, well, it’s not nice.

So it was a cook day. I mostly stayed inside and napped when I could and got cooking stuff together and cooked.

That was it for my not so good day.

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2 Responses to Got Corned So I Throw Out the Food and Start Over

  1. Karen says:

    I read but don’t comment often.
    This is information that I have come across as I Myself follow a healthy way of eating. (Avoiding lectins).

    I understand that you do eat lectins because your choices are limited with your corn allergy.

    My point is…..I have come to understand a principle and that is:
    Whatever the thing you are eating…ATE… then you are in turn eating that too.
    If your chickens are eating anything made or associated with corn, then when you eat the eggs or chickens that you prepared recently…..then you are consuming that too.
    When you threw out all those “suspect leftovers” for them to eat, then you will get it right back in their meat and eggs.
    Could any of this be affecting you?

    I hope you are feeling better soon and it’s a darn shame the way the food industry has screwed up our food supply. The days of clean food are gone. The additives and chemicals allowed into food today are a travesty. Most people don’t even give it a thought.
    Be well soon….I enjoy your blog!
    Karen in Pennsylvania

    • Bob says:

      Hi Karen,
      I hear you. The main reason I got the chickens was because of this. But………….. It’s almost impossible to get chicken seed without any corn in it. When I first started buying seed, I was buying crimped barley and the sacks were full of corn too. I complained and they got most of it out but there’s still some left as they use the same machine for barley and corn. So I get a little no matter what but it’s a lot less then if I didn’t have my own chickens. I do not feed them regular chicken feed as it’s mostly full of corn. Organic cornless is way too costly to feed around fifty chickens, so I’m stuck with the seeds, oats, barley, milo and millet mostly, oh and oil type black sunflower seeds. The food I gave them that was in question had a couple tablespoons of chili spice mixed in, a new thing I was trying out and thought was ok and that was all that had changed. I did throw some other more suspect stuff out. I suspect my coffee so stopped that, darn. You wouldn’t think they could get corn in your coffee beans but they can. I learned just the other day some put dextrin or something like that on the beans sometimes, corn sugar stuff, not sure why and they don’t list it either. It goes on and on, unfortunately. And to be honest, no one really knows for sure what is what in all this so it’s all a big learning process with me being the tester outer, a slow process indeed. I appreciate what other’s have to say whether I already think I know it or not as it’s just more ammo to give me thought in fighting this thing.
      Unfortunately now that they’ve messed up the food chain as bad as it is there’s no way back that I can foresee. :O)
      Thanks for the input.

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