Hair Cut Day and Working On The Van’s Electric Fan Hookup

Monday July 24, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Hair cut needed

I was getting a bit bushy and have been thinking of a hair cut for about a week now. I got the tools out to do the job. Scissors on the hair and an electric hair trimmer on the beard seems to work pretty good without too much trouble.beard


After about ten minutes of hacking away, I thought this was at least acceptable. It doesn’t really  matter if I mess it up as it just grows back again anyway.bob


Van work

I wanted to finish up most of the van work today. I got right on the wires to the radiator fans and got them all hooked up right. Everything worked when I tested things out.vanwork


I was able to tidy all those wires up and now things are easier to get to, if need


Windshield wipers

On my last trip, one of the windshield wipers got stuck in a rope holding my kayak on the roof and they stopped. I tried to get them going again, but wasn’t able to while on the trip when I tried, so I needed to check out the system. At first, I couldn’t get them to work, but playing around with the old switch, I finally figured out I was trying to make them work  on the wrong setting. You’d think the first notch would be low and the second notch would be high, but it turned out to be the other way around. These old style wipers on old rigs never did work as good as the modern stuff. These ones are a bit slow, but slowly, they do the job. The low setting usually doesn’t work.

Good to have them working as trying to repair them under the dash is a real pain.

Kayak loading bar

I took the bar off my old car and was trying to figure out a way to put it on the newer car. I  had to cut a notch in the plastic first for the bar. Then I hunted around for some clamps that were large enough to go around the bar and the car’s cross bar. I was only able to find one clamp that was large enough, so I put it together with that one for now. I think this might work for loading and unloading the kayak, but I think the car’s paint might get a bit scratched if I’m not real careful.rack


Pitch fork

The epoxy setup on the pitchfork repair overnight so I thought I should give it a try. Now that the handle doesn’t fall off during use, it works much better.pitchfork

Nice day.

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