Chainsaw and Hair Maintenance and the Rat Study

Friday September 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.

After getting it going today and feeding the chickens I sat around and did some chair hopping around the yard.

I didn’t have anything planned to do today, except to sharpen the chainsaw and fuel it up.

Sharpen the chain

I got things set up to get that done.saw


Sulfur rock pile

There’s this pile of sulfur rocks next to where I sharpen the saw. I got them out in Nevada at a place called Sulfur where there was a big sulfur mine.

When I got home I put them here and there they stayed. Everyone should have a pile of sulfur rocks. They burn nice.sulfur


Tackle my hair

After that I sat around some more and decided to tackle my hair.

I’d purchased a new hair trimmer I needed to learn how to use.trimmer


And I  had a head of hair that needed trimmed up or


I set things up and got ready to begin the transformation.selfie1


I wasn’t sure how or where to start and decided to start with the haircut first as I petty well knew how to do that with scissors.

Something else

Now the bread was something else, I didn’t really know how to tackle that. I was thinking I’ll just do a radical trim on it and if I don’t like it, I’ll trim it all off leaving a mustache

As you can see I settled for the mustache for now and plan to just keep growing the bread back. I’ll just use the hair trimmer on it once in awhile and forget about the shaving part. At least that’s the plan and I’ll see how it works out.mirror


It’s all an experiment.

And I think I turned out pretty good for an older guy, eh.cut


After that I went in and made something to eat and then it was nap time.

Some work on the van

In the evening I took the van’s ignition switch out to here so I could have a look at it as I’d like to get a new one and needed to see how it all hooked up to the wires.ignition


I’ll have to make a trip to see my parts lady this next week and see if she can match something up for me.

Rat study goes on

Here’s a day photo of the feeder. They track the bait around when they feed, flour and plaster of Paris is whitish.  This was what the new bait container looked like when I went out to the chicken’s pen this morning.baitcqn


I put out the new feeder last night and as expected they were real cautious of it for the first part of the night and didn’t feed.

Pigging out

Until after I went to bed, they finally got into it heavy and fed for around three hours in the wee morning hours. That’s were my motion detection cam did it’s work for me to view this morning.

Looking healthy

This is from last night once they got to feeding.rats


As you can see they seem to be ok with it and are getting a good feed.rat



Tonight they’ve been real cautious of the can until around 10:30 and have showed up but are not feeding yet.

They are all looking healthy and well fed, so far. :O)

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Chainsaw and Hair Maintenance and the Rat Study

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Nice job on the makeover. I like to see your handsome face. And still feeding those rats. Haven’t named them yet? ;)

  2. Judith says:

    So now you are well groomed. Actually, looks like you did a pretty good job. I’ve been cutting my own hair, to the horror of my friends who have regular hair salon appts, as well as what is called mani-pedis, but they will still go out with me in public without my having to walk several paces behind. You do seem to be feeding a healthy herd of rats.

  3. Nancy K says:

    A regular buffet!! LOL

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