Heading North From Silver City New Mexico

Sunday August 13, 2017 Silver City New Mexico

The bosses are gone

We woke this morning and took our time getting it going as our leader bosses were gone so we can slow down a bit.

We were taking it easy when these cows showed up wanting to use the water and go through where we were. They wouldn’t come in while we were there, so we packed up and got it going North.Cows1


Back to Silver City

We were headed back to Silver City to do some shopping. We went down this road about thirty miles or so.road2


I watched Marty race this antelope with his van. He said he clocked it at 35 miles an hour.antelope2


Move fast when they want

We stopped to check out this tortes on the road.turtus


They can move fairly fast when they want to and this one took off and finished crossing the road while we watched.tur2


We made it to Silver City around noon and went grocery shopping and had some lunch.

After that, we got on Interstate 180 and headed north on this nice road.road3


It rained on us some, just enough to wet us down.road4


Camp spot

We turned right on highway 12 and then left on road 32 and settled in this spot in the national forest.

Seems like a good spot, no bugs so far.vancamp


Tomorrow we’ll continue working our way North. We plan to stay on the back roads and off the Freeways if possible.

Nice day.

Posted from Ute Casino Colorado

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    35 mph! That is a fast antelope!
    love the tortoise, can you imagine carrying a protective armor with you everywhere?

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