Last Leg of the Continental Divide Trip, New Mexico to the Border Day 20

Saturday August 12, 2017 Continental Divide New Mexico Day 20

Last leg to the Mexican border day 20

We left the motel parking lot in Silver City this morning about nine headed south on this road, a rather nice road with only a little slippery stuff from the rains.road1


We passed cattle here and there as it was open range.road2


Making the right road choices

Our leaders mostly made the right choices and took the right roads after a bad false start from Silver City in the wrong direction.road4


Crossing under Interstate 10

We finally made it to Interstate 10 and went under it to the frontage road on the other side.raod5


On the other side of 10 was this tourist trap the ladies checked out while we waited.road5


A bit of frontage road

We than traveled down this dirt frontage road going east with 10 for five miles or so until we hit the paved road south to Antelope Wells border crossing, a couple hours ride.road6


Our last Divide  crossing

We saw this sign which was the  last time we’d cross the Divide on this trip south, about 46 times. The guys are settling down for a picture.road7


Some lunch

We stopped here for lunch in the little town of Hatchita before continuing on south to the border.road8


Entering the border area

This was the view as we entered the border area. road10


These guys did it

It was good to see three bicyclists that just finished the whole trip like we did. We went over most of the places the bikes went and I was glad to be in a van at my age. We gave them a lot of credit.bikes10


We lined up for a picture in front of the sign at the border.gang12


And lined up in front of our rigs for pics at the border.gamg13


It started raining on us

It wasn’t long before heavy rain moved us out headed North now.rain13


We went our ways and found our camp

We parted company with our fearless leaders at Hatchita where they went west to Quartzite and we returned North on the road we came down on. We did get lost once or twice on the way, but made it back to this spot in this cattle working area where we made camp for the night.camp15


Spotted a rabbit on a walk

Just before dark I went for a little walk around the compound and spotted this rabbit I jumped. It ran and then stopped for this picture.bunny14


Watched storms all around us

We could see a long way all around us. We watched this storm brewing to the east spitting lots of lightning and just a little bit of rain on us. This all went on until after dark.strom14


Raps up the trip

This raps up our Continental Divide Trip from Canada’s border 20 days ago.IMG_6616


To the Mexican border today.IMG_8007


An adventure

It was all quite the adventure with lots of challenges and even some excitement at times. The rigs all ran well with no serious breakdowns. The most serious breakdown seemed to be with  my altitude sickness.

We followed the bicycle routes whenever we could. There isn’t just one route as there are alternates for snow and rain and mud, so anyone doing this has to be ready to make changes in plans. We had a fire detour, a bridge out and a snotty roads section and a road closed to name some of the stuff we dealt with.

We mostly have had cooler weather for the trip which wasn’t expected. Quite a bit of rain too on the way down.

Adventures not over yet

But the adventure isn’t over yet, we still need to get back home. We plan to head North for awhile staying off Interstates if possible and also off of any muddy roads and out of the higher country.

A good adventure so far.

Posted from Silver City headed North.

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2 Responses to Last Leg of the Continental Divide Trip, New Mexico to the Border Day 20

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You had a wonderful trip, now just get home safely. Amazing what younger bikers can do and amazing what older folks can do too! You traveled places and on roads we wouldn’t so it was very interesting. Glad you’re feeling better at normal elevation.
    Thank you for taking us along!

  2. Pam in Louisiana says:

    Congratulations and thank you so much for the great writing and great pictures you shared with us on this journey! It sure brought back lots of memories for me, and you all will have great memories of this trip. I’ll still continue reading your blog, I really enjoy all of it. Thanks again Bob Eyes! Pam in Louisiana

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