Hiking In the Redwood Forest Looking For a Trail Above the Waterfall

Thursday July 1, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Loquat trimming

I worked on cutting some more brush out of the loquat tree on it’s left side that was covering the chicken pen.tree1


Of course it made a lot more brush that I left until evening when I moved it to the brush pile.brush2


Hiking around the forest

Then I got my tools out for trail work and rode the quad runner up into the hills where I wanted to hike and check out what’s up above the waterfall to see if I can hook the trails together.

I rode on up this road.road3


Hiking area

And down this road and parked here as that tree was blocking the road and since I only wanted to hike just below here I parked and walked down the road throwing sticks and stones off it as I went.quad4


Clearing stuff

I did find there was a short road that went above the waterfall so I cleared the stuff off it.road5


End of the road

I continued on that road and cleared out this part too and then the road dead ended.trail6


Laying out the trail

I just need to connect that road with the trail below that goes to the waterfall so I explored going through here which looked like I could do it without too much trouble, just a little trail work.trail7


Cut up the tree

I made my way back to the quad runner after a good hike and used the chainsaw to cut that tree off the road so next time I can ride all the way in.tree9


Headed on home

I was in there longer than I thought about 3 hours so it was time to get  on home so I rode on up this road and headed for home.road8



I checked the spring water level at the tanks as I went by and the tanks are almost full which is good which means I can do some more watering.

Once home a nap was in order then I did some chair hopping until dark.

Nice day.


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