Working On a Trial in the Redwood Forest

Friday May 28, 2021 Guerneville CA.

I started out the day working on removing the sediment for about an hour on the old well.

Trail work

And then thought I’d ride the quad runner up into the hills and work on a trail so I got my tools and rode on up into the hills to work on a trail. I parked in this spot and hiked up to the trail to do some work getting across a ditch.forest


Picture problems

When I tried to download today’s pictures the one above was the only one that I could get. The storage card said no data available and it said the storage device needed formatted so I lost most of todays pictures for some unknown reason.

Anyway I worked on making a trail across the ditch for a couple hours and tired myself out nicely before returning home for a nap.

Eating cherries

I forgot to mention I ate a bunch of cherries this morning and every other chance I got to eat them throughout the day. I decided maybe I don’t need any dinner today and ate some more cherries. Yummy. You have to eat them when you have them and before the birds eat them first.

More old well work

I finished out the day working on the old well sediment removal some more and that pretty much was my day.

Nice day.

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