Hunting For the Right Rocks and a Forest Ride

Thursday February 22, 2024 Guerneville CA.

No rain today

I was expecting Barry to come by for a bike ride in the forest but he didn’t show up.

Well, might as get some work done and get some exercise at the same time.

I rode my rig up the hill and stopped at this overlook for a look.overlook1


Then I continued on up the road to where this big fir tree fell down the other day across this road. There was some rocks here that I wanted to load up the rig with as it was a good size and not too large for me to lift and load.tree2

I brought up the sledge hammer to break up any too large for me to pick up without straining my back too much.cracked3

I loaded up the large rocks that were there.loaded4

Here’s the roots of that big tree which I’ll have to remove off the road eventually, carefully.toots5

Looking for rocks

I needed more rocks so I rode along this road looking for some.road7

I stopped to pick up these smaller ones along the road.rock6

Jack pot

Up the road a bit further, I stopped  here as I found what I was looking for, larger rocks.rocky8

There were a bunch of rocks about this size that I loaded up.rocked9

This was a good spot for the size rocks I was looking for. I loaded up the rig.loadrock10

Controlling erosion

With a full load of rock I headed on down to the spot where I needed to unload the rocks and got most of them unloaded when Barry came by on  his bike.dam11

Since I almost had the rocks unloaded, I told Barry I’d meet  him at my house and I’d join him for a ride. These rocks are just what I needed for this dam. I got them all unloaded.dammed12

Bike ride in the forest

I drove on home and Barry and I took off for a ride in the forest and stopped at this spring for a drink of water.water13

We rode around and around and stopped on this trail to remove some stuff that was across the trail.trail


We rode up to my Cousin’s house for a visit and shot the bull with them for awhile, then continued with our bike ride.

We took this trail on the way home and stopped so Barry could remove this small log off the trail.limb14

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    It does look like a nice day. Everything is so lush….and having a waterfall….not the everyday experience.

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