Tow Ball, Forest Ride and Some Trail Work

Friday February 23, 2024 Guerneville Ca.

Tow ball

I needed to turn the ball over on this hitch so I could put the hitch on the side by side, so I got the big wrench out and got it done.ball1

Forest ride

Barry showed up so we took off for a ride in the forest but didn’t get far before we ran into this downed tree and had to turn around and go another way.tree2

Barry spotted some mushrooms so we had to stop to check them out. He got a few of them.shrooms3

We were headed up to our rest spot at the ridge top when we ran into this small tree across the road. The roots were stuck so we didn’t get it off the road, but just rode over it.tree4

Rest spot

We had a nice break here.restsport6

Then we took off again and rode along this road.road7

We stopped to check out a downed tree in the forest for possible fire wood and walked through here. The tree had some rot in it so not good for fire wood.walk8

We needed to get back down on the road from this bank so had to carefully go down this steep bank.barry9

We rode around some more and then headed back to my place where Barry took off for his place.

After a rest, I got back on the dirt bike and rode up to do some work on this trail I walked out.


Trail work

I worked on widening out this part of the trail today.work11

I worked a couple hours on the trail and then put a bit of leaf mulch on it and this part was done.trail12

I was tired out so I headed back up the trail to where the bike was parked at this overlook spot. The Indian soap plant was blooming.flowers13

I sat in the chair at the overlook for a bit as the sun went behind the hills to the west.sky14

Nice day.

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