Grinding Pipes and a Ride Up Into the Forest

Monday April 8, 2024 Guerneville CA.

I wasn’t really into it, but those darn pipes still needed some grinding to form the ends for welding. I did two of them before I needed something else to do.pipe

Ride in the forest

I needed to ride up to  my cousin’s place to set up some work I said I’d do for them so I headed in that direction. When I got to their place, no one was home except their two dogs. I took a look at what I needed to do with Skiddy and continued my ride in the forest. I remembered there was a tree across the road, so headed for that on the way as I’d remembered to throw the small chainsaw into Hondo.

The tree wasn’t real large but it had a bunch of brush I  had to cut and throw off the road so I was beat after that.

I continued on stopping here and there to trim some brush off the roadsides.

Nap time

Eventually, I ended up back at my place, tired out, so nap time.

I was tired enough, I couldn’t really get going much for the rest of the day.

However, I did do a little more grinding on one of the pipes, just before dark.

And then sat around the yard enjoying the evening.

Nice day.

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