Hunting Up Important Papers and a Couple Small Chores Today

Sunday February 17, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Hunting up important papers

Last night I dug through my old filing cabinet looking for important papers like birth certificate and DD214 my  military papers. I threw most of all the stuff in the files on the floor as I really don’t need most of that old stuff and figured it would be a good time to get rid of most of it. I have two big piles of papers on the floor that I will need to dispose of soon.

Found the good stuff

I did find that important folder with all the important papers in it so now I’m good to cross the border into Mexico as Dan needs to go down there to get some dental work done and I figure I might as well check things out and maybe start getting all my dental work done down there as dental work has just gotten too expensive in the states these days.

My dentist in the states is very good except for the big price tag on things. I’m thinking this might be the last crown I let her do as it’s sorta crazy not to get stuff done in Mexico as I’m usually in Arizona once a year anyway and the price difference is huge.

Today’s doings

I was going to prep for my trip and leave tomorrow but Dan who lives in Southern California says it’s raining and snowing down that way and it is cold so he wanted to wait a bit for things go warm up. Dan will be joining me for some hiking in Arizona.

Not leaving yet

After checking everything out weather wise I decided to wait until Thursday to start my trek south.

So today I didn’t have a lot planned to do as most of what I needed to do is done.

Little things

However there are a few little things that would be good to get done.

Roof braces up

One of them was to put another roof brace on the coop roof overhang just to be sure the wind wouldn’t take it off as I figured it was easier to put a couple braces up then putting the blown off roof back up.

All I had to do was cut both ends of the support boards and drill them for screws which I did.

Here’s the new supports up and ready for some wind . I added the bottom two supports one on each


Patching more leaks on the garage roof

Another task after a good break was I needed to go back up on the garage roof and seal up some more leaks as the other day during the big storm a bit of water got into the garage which was nothing new but a little work on things would improve things a lot.

So I got the big ladder out and set up and had another break as the sun was sorta out so it was a nice day after all the rain we’ve had.

Chicken pen roof panels tied down

I also did a bit more work on fastening some more of the chicken pen roof panels down to keep them from being blown off by the wind. I only had a few tie downs to do so it didn’t take me long to get that done.

Other than that I sat around with the chickens while they were grazing away today so mostly took it easy today.

That was my day for a good one.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get those chores taken care of then you can head on out. Mexico for dental anq eyeglasses is a great deal enjoy Arizona and Mexico as well. We going there for a walkabout today

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