On the way home, stopped at Mendocino

I left Oregon today around nine AM and am now in the town of Mendocino steeling Wi-fi from the Mendo Deli which is closed right now.

Had an uneventful ride down one o one. Fairly easy cruising, not much traffic except in the big towns. My plan is to camp at my local camp, Cal Fire, which is up the road a piece, but not far. I have my own private camp reserved, right next store. Seems I’m the only one that knows about it. Tomorrow, I plan to yak the Big River which is right near here. After that, I plan to head home.

The old van has been mostly working real good. I do have about a dozen things to fix or improve before the next trip. I was surprised to find that the bed on the floor worked out real well, even though I thought it would not. Turns out with it on the floor, seems like a lot more room in here. It also seems to be a bit warmer for sleeping also. Now I just have to figure out how to arrange all the stuff I put up on the shelf, so the bed could go on the floor. Need to get that stuff reduced and the rest more organized. So far, the van shake out has gone fairly well. I have about sixteen items shook out so far. I’ll get those in order than shake some more. The two most important things are carpet on the van walls to reduce condensation and a double belt pulley on the alternator because one belt just isn’t strong enough and squeaks a lot. I also have to do something about my locking gas cap. It doesn’t seem to be venting properly so the tank isn’t venting at all and is causing some pressures to be greater than they should be, which could cause a problem. But, the van is still rolling along nicely.

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