Installed a Skylight and Was Going to Kayak Jenner,……But

Saturday October 12, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

I needed to replace the old cracked skylight

When I got up this morning, it seemed like it would be a good day to install my new skylight. The old one got cracked a couple years ago when I sprayed some cold water on it, on a hot day, which cracked the top layer, but not the bottom layer plastic, so at least it didn’t leak.

The skylight I took off was adapted to fit, as it wasn’t really the right size for the original hole in the roof. I got this one the right size which was, in a way a mistake, as now I had to take the adapted boards and metal flashings off so I could use the original hole in the roof, which was quite a pain to take off. I should have just gotten one to fit the adapted hole and I would have been way ahead of the game, but I didn’t, so I made do.

This is a picture of the new skylight, turned upside down to check the measurements to see if it would fit? skylight

It did fit, but I had to offset it a bit. This skylight has a crank on it to open it to let air in or out. This feature should work good to let the hot air out of the house on a hot day to suck in the cool air in the evening. It also has an insect screen that is not installed yet in the below picture.

This is the skylight installed on my metal house roof, opened up to check it out. The slope of the rook is rather steep, so it was hard to work on it without sliding down the roof.skylights


Time to go kayaking in Jenner

The skylight project was done by about three PM, so I had something to eat and a nap and was off to kayak Jenner around four PM.

As I pulled into Jenner, I noticed it was real windy and since I had already worked real hard today installing the skylight, I felt a bit on the lazy side, so headed on down to the river’s overlook area on highway one, just north of the town of Jenner in my car.

This is a picture looking down from the overlook area.rivermouth


The river’s mouth is still closed and the ocean is real rough. Some seagulls are resting on the water and on the sand.mouth


Looking down at Goat Rock, the ocean is real rough, with the wind blowing too.goatrock


This picture shows the overlook I stopped at looking up the wind sweep river towards Penny Island.overlook


I thought about it for a bit, kayak or no? Maybe go back to Monte Rio and kayak, but in the end, I went on home and just took it easy enjoying my yard until the sun went down.

It was good to get the new skylight checked off the get ready for winter list, as I need to get it all done so I can go off on my next trip, to the Oregon coast, near the end of the month.

I don’t have much left on that list. Just need to get the bulldozer started to clean off some trees on our family property roads and that’s about it for now.

Had a nice day working on projects.

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