Evening Paddle with the Pelicans and Harbor Seals at Jenner

Wednesday July 9, 2014 Jenner CA.

But first I had some work to do

First thing I had to do today was go over to Sebastopol and help a friend out with his automatic gate. It wasn’t working.

I checked it out when I got there and it seemed to be dead, so the only thing to do was get a new one and install it.

We took a ride to the store and bought one.

Of course, the newer one was improved and needed some modifications to make it work.

We did the modifications and it worked,…. mostly. Except it was a bit hard to set the stop on the close with a hard wind blowing, but eventually I got that too.

From there, I went on home and got something to eat and took a good nap.

Time for an evening paddle

Just before six PM, I went on down to Jenner for an evening paddle at Jenner.

As I was driving down the highway, I could see heavy fog over the river. But when I got to Jenner, it was only high fog, as in overcast which looked pretty good. The wind was down to just a breeze too, which was also good. Things were lined up for a nice evening paddle, although, with the overcast, there wasn’t likely to be a sunset to watch.

White Pelicans

Right off the bat, I could see some white pelicans resting near the east end of Penny Island, so I paddled over to them.pelicans


I took some pictures and then went on up the river and it looked like this.upriver


I crossed over to the north shoreline and paddled on up. This is just before Paddy’s rock.upview2


There were some flocks of pipers flying around and some landed near me. Here they are feeding as I paddled by.buddybirds


Some geese were resting on the shoreline too.geese


I crossed back over to the south side of the river to eagle’s landing and headed back down the river.

It looked like this as I was leaving eagle’s landing.downriver


The water surface went calm

I took my time paddling along. The breeze was pretty much dying out for a real nice evening.

My view as I paddled along the shoreline, looking back to the town of Jenner.downview


I thought about stopping for a walk on Penny island, but I passed on by it and continued on down the back island channel.

Coming out of the channel, looking down towards the river’s mouth area, it looked like thiswestview


There were some harbor seals messing around near the west end of Penny island. I watched them for a bit, then continues on down to the river’s mouth.

High tide was coming in as I approached the mouth area. Harbor seals and birds were resting on the beach by the mouth.

Looking out the river’s mouth to the Pacific ocean, just before sun down.mouth


I hung out in the mouth area for a bit, waiting for the sun to go down. I could see there wasn’t going to be a good sunset as it was overcast.

Some harbor seals and birds on the left side of the river’s mouth.mouth2



There were some harbor seals swimming around me as I sat in my boat at the mouth area.

Here are a couple of the harbor seals swimming around my boat.seals


I was thinking earlier that I might stay until after dark and check out to see if there were any lumens in the water, but, I was too tired out from my day’s work, so I headed back in just after the sun set, around 8:30PM.

Frolicking harbor seals

As I approached the west end of Penny Island there were a bunch of harbor seals frolicking around in the water.

I’ll just say they seemed to be frolicking around and having a good time in the water, other then that, I have no idea what they were really doing, but frolicking is what it appeared  to be going on as there was a lot of splashing too.

Some of the harbor seals in the water frolicking around.harborseals


As I paddled over to the take out area, it was starting to get dark and the air started to warm up a bit, so I passed on by and went back over to the little channel in Penny Island for a bit.

This is my view from Penny Island looking back to the town of Jenner, just before dark.jenner


I was running out of energy, so I headed on in for the evening.

That was a nice evening paddle. I’ll be going out there with my elementary school reunion people tomorrow evening and I hope the weather is as good or better as it was this evening.

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