Goose Guards and a Sunset

Sunday April 27, 2014 Jenner CA.

Staying around for sunset

I met Steve at Jenner just after eleven in the morning. We put our boats in the water and headed up the river. We were going to go up to Willow Creek today.

Goose guards

We worked our way up to the Paddy’s rock area. There were some geese on the rock with some cormorants too. Right away the geese started honking and when ever something would come by they started honking again.geeserock


I could see a bunch more geese with a lot of little ones just up the river a bit. The geese on the rock seemed to be the guards for the geese with chicks, as the geese with chicks were being real  quiet.

I tried to catch up to the geese with chicks, but they stayed just ahead of me.

Here is a picture of just a few of the geese with chicks. The geese seemed to be fairly well organized and were protecting the newly hatched chicks.geese2


We left the Paddy’s rock area and continued on up the river at a leisurely pace. There was some wind too, but not too bad.upview


When we got to the Willow creek area, there were some people there, so we skipped on by that and went on up to the Seal Heaven area to check that out. Since the estuary’s water level is fairly high right now, most of the redwood logs at seal heaven were under water so we didn’t’ see any seals there.

We paddled  just above Seal Heaven to Ship Wreck Island where Steve went to shore for a bit, then we headed back down the river.

This was our view as we approached the Seal Heaven area.up


The wind was picking up some now so we thought we’d duck into the Willow creek area to get out of it, but instead the wind was blowing even more in there.

We didn’t stay long and headed back out of the Willow Creek area.

Moving back down Willow Creek headed back to the river.willow2


The wind was up pretty good by the time we got back to the river and as we continued heading on down it.

This is us paddling by the Eagle’s Landing area.downriver


A walk on Penny Island

We decided to pull onto Penny Island on the east end to get out and do a little walk for a bit and we landed here.island


We just did a short walk and were back in our boats and headed on down the back channel of the island in the wind.


I pulled in behind this old monster to get out of the wind for a bit.stump


And then I moved over to the west end of Penny Island and watched a bit. The sun was headed down and it was windy.sun


The sun was setting.sun3


It was after 8 PM now so we headed in for the day. This is the last picture as we went in for the day.sun2


Almost nine hours in our boats today for a nice day on the water.

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