I Watch Barry Do Some Fire Rehab Work

Thursday December 17, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Quad runner ride

I saw my brother Barry out in the front yard this morning as he pulled in in his truck.

He had his chain saws and took a quad up in the hills to do some forest fire rehab work. I said I’d follow and find him up there after I got it going.

On a fast

Since I’m on a fast I didn’t have to eat and only had a cup of hot water to replace my coffee.

My quad started right up so I headed up into the hills to find Barry. His rig didn’t leave much for tracks but I knew what he intended to do so I caught up with him after a bit.

Big pile of dirt

We rode up to this spot where one of the fire dozers left a big pile of dirt in the road so he was going to knock that pile down just a bit.hump



He’s using a McCloud to do the work. Another good trial working tool. He’s about got that pile of dirt knocked down so we can get over it better.tool


Steep hill

He took his chainsaw up this steep hill to  trim some trees. He likes to ride his hot dirt bike up these steep ones more than I do.barry


Then we rode up this road where he stopped to trim some dead trees off the road.saw


Top of the World

From there we rode up to the Top of the World and stopped for a good break enjoying the sun. Barry is laying on the ground there and so was I.top


Goat trial

Then we walked down to this fire break from where we where parked to where the dozer operator cut deep water bars a bit deep. So he was tuning them down a bit so he could ride his dirt bike up this road which is known as the Goat Trial, very steep.waterbar


I watched

Here he is doing another water bar. We worked our way down this steep road fixing things. In truth he fixed most of it and I watched as I’m on a fast and have to watch not to expend too much energy. I did help a little and the walk back up this road was a good work out.bar


We took the easy way down and he stopped to cut a small tree out of the road here.moss


Fire break

Then we checked out this fire break on the ridge top. It looked real good with no washouts from the recent rains.break


We rode on down that fire break checking it out.break2


And headed down to our spring to get a drink of water and Barry did some more brush trimming.brush


Trees to cut

We had one more place to stop and cut up some trees. There were about five small pepperwood trees that needed cut up and taken off the side road. I did help him remove some of the stuff off the road.trees


We did some clearing on the road to the right but didn’t finish as the rest could wait as we were tired out. We were headed home up this road.done


Barry stopped when he had to trim something off the road so I waited watching.last



On the way home I stopped and picked some late winter apples as I want to make some vinegar tonight with the peeling.


I washed them off good and peeled them putting the peelings in a big jar covered with water and will let them sit for a few weeks before removing the peelings. That makes alcohol.  Then it sits a few more weeks to let it turn to vinegar. Hope that works out as I haven’t done this before.apples


I still had an hour or so when we got back to my house so I did some chair hopping and just enjoyed the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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