Improving Water Crossings, Bulldozer Work, Rock Work and a Big Box of Chocolate

Friday November 15, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Work in the hills

After feeding the chickens this morning I loaded up the Toyota with what I thought I’d need to do some work up the hill today.

I loaded two pipes to improve two water line road crossings that were a bit low.

Improving water pipe crossings

I drove on up and stopped at this water pipe crossing. You can see on the left where I’m digging a hole to install the pipe I brought up laying on the ground.dig


After digging the hole and installing the metal pipe I raised up the plastic water pipe a bit higher as you can see in this photo..pipeup


Second crossing improved

Then I drove up to the next spot where I  had planned to just drop off the metal pipe and do it later. This pipe is a bit low too and I always have trouble getting the bulldozer under it.pipe2


I decided to go ahead and dig the hole for that one too and get the metal pipe installed.

Here I’m digging the hole for the metal pipe.hole


I got that spring pipe raised up too and then drove on up to where I’d been working on the bulldozer.

Bulldozer work

It started right up so I drove it on up the hill and repaired a few small things on the road. There were some cracks in an upper road that opened up last winter during a big storm. I wanted to close up the cracks in the road before the rains come this winter to prevent more water from getting into the cracks and causing the road to wash out.

I did that and a couple more things and parked the tractor and walked back to where the Toyota was parked.

Loaded up some rocks

On the way down the hill I stopped and loaded up some more rocks for the road crossing I was working on the other day.

I unloaded the rocks in the crossing here. It’s looking good maybe just a few more rocks.rock


That was the last thing I wanted to do today so from there I drove on home.

Big box of chocolate

I had ordered a 25 pound box of chocolate and it arrived today.

25 pounds for 98 dollars seems like a good buy. Yummy. Now I have to be careful I don’t over due it, eh. :O) That should last a bit, I  hope.chocolate


That pretty much finished off the day. Another nice fall day working away up in the hills. I think I am ready for the winter rains up there now, so let it pour.

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  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm…….Chocolate…….I start off the day with Chocolate Instant breakfast, warmed up of course…..
    I don’t drink coffee, I like the scent but not the taste, go figure….

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