Car Door Lock Repair, Kidney Stones and Just Puttering Around

Saturday November 16, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Repairing the car’s door lock

The other day after kayaking I opened the back door to load my stuff and realized I hadn’t unlocked the front door yet that unlocks all the car’s doors. What the?

That means my car hasn’t really been locked for who knows how long.

So today I decided to check the problem out. The first thing I had to do was get this door panel off. Lucky for me I’d taken it off before and know the puzzle although I did have to remember some stuff as I took it off. If done right it comes right off.door


I looked around in there and tried the key until I could see how things worked or didn’t work. I could see the electric door lock part was trying to work but wasn’t. It was all mounted tight in there so was  hard to get to, to do much to it. I thought about removing it but even that wouldn’t be that easy.

The fix

Maybe some oil sprayed on it would help so that’s what I did. I tried the key and it worked so I put some more oil on it and put it all back together.

Kidney Stones

The other night I rolled over in bed and felt a new pain just under the rib on the left side, sorta like maybe a pulled rib muscle. I always have some pains from sore muscles so wasn’t too concerned.

But after a day I started to get concerned that it might be something else so today I did research on a, pain on the left side and found out it could be a lot of stuff as there are a lot of organs on that side, but further research sorta indicates I likely have a kidney stone that has moved and working it’s way out down the tube to get out.

When doing research on the internet I always look at several pages to make up my mine on what’s really going on. Lots of them said see your doctor but one of the better ones said I’m likely passing a stone and it might take a month or two. If the pain isn’t real bad, drink lots of water and wait it out. If the pain was bad enough, it said you’d see the doctor just because the pain would be real bad.

Wait it out

So today I think the pain has decreased a little so I’m willing to wait and see how it goes, drinking lots of water of course.

I feel better about it after doing the research and learning some stuff on the subject. That took most of my afternoon and was well worth it.

Last wood load

I did get this last load of wood to the wood pile and covered it up so I think the wood is finally done unless I find another pile in the yard someplace.woodpile


Other than that I continued to water the weeds in the yard as I’m trying to get them a good start before winter sets in.

A little puttering in the yard and some chair hopping and the day was over.

Nice day.

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