Drizzly Day For Figuring Stuff Out and More to the Jerk Story

Thursday November 14, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Drizzle day

I got it going today and fed the chickens but couldn’t decide what I wanted to do today. The day was overcast and so I went in for another cup of coffee to think about it.

After that I still hadn’t made up my mind. It started to drizzle very lightly so I decided not to go up in the hill to do some work and I would stay home as I wasn’t sure how long the drizzle would last or would it turn to rain.

Pitch fork handle repair

I had this pitch fork that the last time I used it the handle came out so it needed fixed.fork


The handle was made from a tree limb as they are stronger than the ones you buy. I drilled out the metal part so I could put a sheet metal screw in it to hold the handle in.screwed



You can see the handle is not straight but that crook makes it more ergonomic, so just right.pitchfork


The drizzle picked up a bit and it looked like it was going to stay around for most of the day.

A new van radiator is not going to be easily installed

I needed to get some more measurements on my van’s radiator mounts so I got the stuff out and did that than went online to see if I could find an aluminum radiator to replace what I have as what I have isn’t cooling enough on long hill grades.


As it turned out I found what they call an aluminum 3 pass radiator but the there was a little problem, well a big problem actually.

The radiator I have is 18 inches wide and the newer better radiator was 22 inches wide. Would it fit and could I get it in there. I spent most of the rest of the day going between  my van and online to figure it all out. I really needed the wider radiator to improve the cooling capacity.

The main thing I found is I could get it in there with some modifications. The worse part is my transfer case shifter is in the way and would have to be redone which would be a chore.

Push pull cable

I’m thinking I could replace the transfer case shifter with a push pull cable so I researched that also and I think one of those might work.

Lots of work

The whole radiator replacement job would be fairly complicated but for a cool engine I’ll likely do it or something else. Of course there’s no way to know if the newer radiator would be any better until it’s tried. :O)

The drizzle stopped late in the day, just a nice light wet down actually.

Planted alfalfa seed

The last thing I did just before dark was to plant some alfalfa seed in the grow pen I was prepping for it. I then locked the chickens out of it as they would tear it all up and eat everything before it grows.

The Jerk story

My brother Tom came by and said our neighbor had her car stolen by the Jerk and drove it down to town. It didn’t have much gas in it so that’s as far as he got. My Jerk story is here. https://bobseyes.net/less-fire-danger-and-i-deal-with-a-jerk/

I’m not sure what happened to the guy as there was no news on this at the time.

Anyway a little drizzle makes a forest smell nice, like rain, so winter is coming eh.

Nice day puttering around and figuring stuff out.

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  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    You did feel..smell..something fishy with with the jerk, as I remember……
    You should have…never mind..Karma got him in the end…

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