Inside Day As It’s Raining, Popping Sorghum and Enjoying the Rain

Wednesday December18, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining pretty good today when I got it going. I went out to feed the chickens and let them out and went back in the house to enjoy the rain from a warm spot.

Sitting around

I didn’t do much all day but sit in the house and enjoy the rain.

Checking the rodent cam

I did check on my cam in my brother’s garage to see what kind of rodent action happened last night. There wasn’t any rodent action in his garage last night which  meant they had all left his garage. I’ll leave the cam in his garage for a few days to monitor it to make sure it stays clean.

Staying home out of the rain

It continued to rain all day more on then off so inside was the place to be. I considered driving over to the shopping area to pick up some feed for the chickens that was in, but it just didn’t seem like a good idea to drive over there in the rain right now as I don’t need the feed so waiting for another day seemed like the right thing to do especially with all the holiday shoppers out right now. Why fight them, eh.

Wet and dirty chickens

The chickens don’t seem to mind being out in the rain as a lot of them stayed out and got pretty wet.

They went to roost about an hour earlier than normal today.

Some of them were fairly dry.chicks



And some of them were real wet and dirty, especially Doris on the left there. She’s a  hen that lays bluish green eggs and one of my best layers.wetchicks


Doris is a sorta mostly white bird but it’s hard to tell it.roost


Wettest and dirtiest

She’s all dirty and wet right  now, the wettest and dirtiest of the bunch.dorus


Popping sorghum

Last night someone on a corn avoidance list I frequent suggested popping sorghum sorta like popcorn so I did some research on YouTube on the subject. It’s hard to pop compared to popcorn and pops much smaller but tastes a bit like popcorn and even the unpopped seeds are pretty good.

It turns out sorghum is also called milo which I buy in 50 pound sacks to feed my chickens so I have quite a good supply of the seeds and I’m picking up another 150 pounds, likely tomorrow.

It also turns out some of the other grains can be popped so I might do some experimenting with that too, like rice for instance.

The rains finally let up a bit around dark and we are supposed to have more showers tomorrow so I’ll likely make that chicken feed run then if the showers are few.

No soak beans in the Instant Pot

After it got dark I filled the Instant Pot up with white beans and put it on to cook for 50 minutes which should be real good soon. 50 minutes is a no bean soak recipe that works out real well as I’ve cooked them this way before.

That was it, just sitting around enjoying the rains, taking it easy.

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  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Howdy Doris, glad to see you are still around…and not in the hot tub..(pot)…;+)…

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