Jumping Though Hoops for a Birth Certificate and Tangerine Trees

Wednesday December 11, 2019 Guerneville CA.

No birth certificate saga continues

Today it’s raining a bit so a good day to see what I could do about not having a birth certificate at the county recorders and worse than that is the state of California doesn’t have one on record either.

Getting things started

So I got online and went to the states birth certificates page to see what I needed to do to get a birth certificate.

Naturally they only had a form on the web to get a copy of one’s birth certificate from the state so I had no choice but to fill it out to start the process. It all has to be done online.

No printer

Once I filled it all out I had to print out the two forms they wanted. The application form and a form that is notarized to prove I’m who I say I am.

The first problem I had was I have no printer so I couldn’t print out the forms. I copied the form info to a USB memory stick and went to town to talk with Cheryl S. as I knew she had a printer.

She got the forms printed and we had a good bull session too. :O)

I asked where should I go to get the notarized form notarized to prove it was me. She sent me down to Dee Dee’s Printing as she said she could do the notarizing and then send me copies in an email so I could attach the forms to the states email and send them off.

I’d forgotten my reading glasses so Cheryl opened a drawer and pulled out a box of reading glasses John had picked op here and there. I found a nice pink and blue pair and I was good to go.

Dee Dee’s Printing

So I said thanks to Cheryl and drove the short distance to Dee Dee’s in Guerneville.

She did the notarizing and sent me an email with the completed forms attached so I was ready to go. I thought her notarizing fee was very reasonable and thanked her. The whole thing cost me 17 bucks.

Once home I opened the email and sent the attachments they wanted to the email address they had provided and that went ok.

Now I’ll wait until they inform me they don’t have  my birth certificate and jump through the rest of the hoops to get that going. I’ll likely have to have some brothers sign some forms and get them notarized to prove I was born here.

Whatever, you have no choice but to  jump through all the hoops and pay the fees they want.

When I got home I gave the chickens some extra feed as it was still raining lightly.

Talked with Mike about getting some tangerine trees

I’ve been thinking I’d like to get some tangerine trees and get them planted and I’ve been thinking I’ll call my older brother Mike as he has a lot of them in his back yard.

He just happened to be having some problems on updating Windows and called late in the day. No real problem with the updates except he wasn’t used to getting the big full system updates so while we where talking I said to just wait on the computer to do it’s thing which takes a lot longer for big system updates.

The updates finished while we were talking and all was good.

I asked about which types of tangerine trees where the best and the best cold hardy trees as I sometimes get a bit of frost.

He named off several names and gave me some suggestions of where to get them this time of year. Turns out there is a hardware store near him that stocks them so he said he’d check to see what they had in the store this early as it is still early for getting in new planting stuff, most of which they get in after the new year starts.

I said buy me up to two if they have what I need and I’ll come by and pick them up so we’ll see what turns up.

Off the tree is best by far

If you’ve never had a tangerine fresh off the tree you are missing something as they are about three times tastier than the ones you can get at the grocery store. Even much better than the little Cuties they sell these days that are pretty good.

By this time it was almost dark and my chickens were going to roost so I went out and closed them up for the night.

That was my day, nice that I got done what I did. The only reason I need a Real ID is so I can cross over to Mexico to get costly dental stuff done. Last year I had a root cannel and a zirconium crown done in two days that cost about 700 bucks instead of the 4000 dollars it would of cost here and taken over two weeks to get done. I was very satisfied with the work in Mexico.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Good luck with you birth certificate and getting your dental work done in Mexico ,
    Fresh tangerines off the tree wow sure sound amazing, enjoy them, my mouth is watering.

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