Kayaking Jenner After the Rain

Saturday September 21, 2013 Jenner, CA.

The first rain is always something to look forward to after a dry summer

We had our first rain for the year last night and this morning, but it was starting to let up just before noon, so I got my stuff together and headed down to Jenner to kayak for the day.

There was a light fog when I got there, but it was mostly calm, so I put my boat in the water and started to paddle across the river to Penny Island. I noticed there were drops of rain hitting on the water and I hadn’t put on my rain pants, but I had my coat on.  I waited about ten minutes to see if it was going to get worse and finally went back in and got my rain pants on and put back in the water. That was enough to stop the rain for the rest of the day.

I headed up the river at a leisurely pace, stopping here and there.

I passed these geese and cormorants on the way.birds


And these cormorants and seagull preening themselves.cormorants


I was watching for salmon action, but didn’t see any. I pulled into the Eagle’s landing area where I hung out for about an hour taking it easy, watching.  There were some seals in the water, but no big fish action.

This is the spot I sat around for awhile at Eagle’s Landing, looking up the river.upriver


After awhile, I headed back down the river and these merganser ducks were hunting in the shallows on the east end of Penny Island.mergansers


I paddled down the north side of Penny island. It was almost high tide time and a lot of foam was coming in off the ocean with the high tide salt water from the ocean.

This is my view looking down toward the river’s mouth into the ocean. Lot’s of foam coming in.riverview


And this is the view looking back to the town of Jenner as I headed towards the river’s mouth.jenner


I could hear the ocean pounding on the beach, long before I got there. This is the view of the river’s mouth as the rough ocean waves came over the jetty.  Some seals and birds were resting  on the shore there.sealsbirds2


Here’s a little closer picture of the seals and the birds resting on the sandy beach at the river’s mouth.sealsbirds


Nice clouds after the rain, looking out the mouth of the river as the waves crash over the jetty.rivermouth


See, the waves were really crashing over the jetty. The ocean was fairly rough today, but the river was real nice and calm. Guess who stays in the river?rough seas


I stayed around sitting in the foam at the mouth for about an hour before heading on back in. As I was paddling along, I saw this pelican leave the water way up ahead, so I got my camera ready just incase it came by my boat. It did, right at me and veered off at the last instant.

This is the brown pelican as it neared me, just before veering off to it’s right.pelican


I slowly made my way back in to the Jenner launch ramp and was off the water around 3:30 PM and went on home for something to eat and a nap.

My brother came by and said he and his helper chased a deer out of the yard today, but in the process his helper forced my automatic gate, not knowing it was automatic and now it was out of adjustment. Always something. Of course I don’t remember how to adjust it so I had to find the manual first. Once I found the manual for the gate controller, it wasn’t too hard to fix the problem.

My brother also said he had some roundup mixed if I needed to use any. Yes, I did. I have some crab grass trying to take over my blue berry patch which is also my potato patch and was thinking round up is the only way to slow this grass down and was thinking the other day I needed to get some roundup, so this worked out perfectly.

I started the small chain saw and trimmed some dead wood off some trees and cut up some more stuff in the yard. I left it all laying in the yard which I’ll have to pick up later when I get enough energy.

Nice day with a little rain and all.

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