Monte Rio to Villa Grande and Back Again, Kayaking

Sunday September 22, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

A nice fall day kayaking the river

My friend Marty came by today for a visit. I had also been working on a computer for him that he wanted to give to his grandson, so we squared that away and put it in his jeep.

We visited for awhile then loaded another kayak and headed for Monte Rio to kayak for the day. I think we put the boats in the water around noon.

There was a little breeze and a few clouds which kept it from getting too hot. We headed down the river at a real leisurely pace, stopping often on the way.

This is the view down the river just below Monte Rio.riverview3


We jumped a great blue heron  from it’s fishing spot as we went by.heron2


It landed again not far from us. See it’s neck poking out of the weeds on the shoreline?heron


We made it down to the Villa Grande hole and spent just a little time there as there were quite a few people out on the beach today making a lot of noise having fun. This is the view from our sitting spot at the Villa Grande hole about a mile down the river from Monte Rio, looking back up the river, Villa Grande beach is on the right.villagrande


As I said, we didn’t stay at the Villa Grande hole long as there were a lot of people there on the beach, so we turned around there and headed back up the river.

This guy came by fly fishing from his canoe. Both Marty and I both commented on this guys motor. His partner was paddling him around to the spots so he could fish. Talk about a guy having it made. :O) She seemed to be a good paddler too. He did say he thought he saw a steelhead in the weeds, but it was more likely a salmon as that is what is running right now at this time of


We passed on by them and continued up the river. This is the view up river below Monte Rio. riverview2


We were off the river around four PM and went on home.

Nice day on the river.

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