No Sign of Salmon Today Kayaking Jenner

Friday September 20, 2013, Jenner, CA.

No, not even any sign at all, zero


Our first rain or showers was set to come into our area this evening. The wind was really blowing at my house as I left this morning around eleven AM. But sometimes Jenner can be real calm before it rains, so I decided to take a chance and go down there and see how things were?

When I arrived at Jenner, I could see it was mostly calm with some clouds starting to shift into the area, so I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island.

This is the view down the river from my spot at Penny Island.downriverivew


I stopped there for awhile and just watched and then moved on up the river just a bit.

This is the view as I paddled up the river, just above Penny Island. There are some ducks out on the water up there and there will be more as fall progresses and they move down from the north.upriverivew


I spied three seals in the water as I went by. They were watching me and mostly just taking it easy.

Here’s a picture of two of them as I went on by.seals


I was watching for seals eating salmon or the sign of the seagulls finishing off the scraps from the seals, but there didn’t appear to be any seagulls or seals getting any salmon. Seagulls are the dead give away when seals are catching big fish, but there were zero seagulls on the water today.

I only went up as far as Otter’s log where I stayed for awhile, resting and looking. Not much to see, except it was a real nice day.

After awhile, I decided to head back down the river toward the mouth to see if there was any salmon action as high tide was just coming in.

This is the view as I headed on down the north side of Penny Island towards the river’s mouth. Nice day.riverview


There were a lot of seals in the water at the west end of Penny island. I watched them for awhile to see what they were up to. They seemed to be sleeping and frolicking, but not doing any hunting of salmon. And there were no tell tale seagulls around them picking off scraps either, so it was real quiet as far as the salmon run goes for today.

Some of the seals at the west end of Penny Island as I went by.sealmeet2


I continued on down to the river’s mouth and past it to this spot at the end of the river, just past the river’s mouth. I went over by that big rock and sat in my boat for a bit and watched, but not much action, just some seals swimming around in the water.riverend


After awhile, I moved over to the foam at the river’s mouth and sat in that for awhile watching. It was real nice. This is looking out toward the ocean though the river’s open mouth. The ocean was real rough, but not rough in the river.rivermouth


Occasionally a seal or two would come up by me and check me out. They too were being real leisurely and not hunting for salmon, or at least there didn’t seem to be any salmon to hunt today.

One of the harbor seals checks me out at the river’s mouth.seal


After I got tired of sitting around at the river’s mouth, I headed back to the west end of Penny island and headed for the take out.

I passed this pelican as I left the west end of Penny Island. It seemed to be preening itself and taking a bath. I rarely have seen pelicans fishing inside the estuary. This is a brown pelican, which is mostly ocean going as compared to the white ones that are mostly fresh water types.pelican


I headed on in and was off the water around three PM and went on home, after stopping and doing some food shopping in Guerneville.

After a nap, I got the ladder out and went up on my roof to see if and how a new sky light was going to fit where my old cracked one was. The new one is a bit bigger, so I have to adapt it. Lucky for me, the one I have up there was already adapted to a smaller size so all I have to do is take the wood out used to adapt the old one and the new measurements will fit right in. I call that lucky. Now I have to get the new one ordered soon, before winter really sets in.

I also worked on some pipe parts for my new water spring tap that I need to do soon.

Then I gassed up the small chain saw and cut some bushes down in the yard and trimmed some trees too. I left the brush to pick up some other time as I ran out of steam.

Had a nice day.

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