Kayaking the Beautiful Russian River

Wednesday November 6, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

Kayaking from Monte Rio to the Vacation Beach Summer dam and back

Since the River’s mouth is still closed, the river is like a lake all the way up to the Vacation Beach summer dam and crossing. This makes it real easy to get over the ripple just below the Monte Rio Bridge, so I thought today would be a good day to kayak this section.

I put in at the Monte Rio launch ramp, just below the bridge and headed up stream, about 11:00am. The wind was really down today and it’s fall with the sun out too.

I paddled on up the river, going under the bridge at Monte Rio.bridge


It was a real scenic sort of day as I paddled on up the river.riverview1


I took my time and eventually got up to the Boho hole by the golf course corner were I took a good break over in the corner.riverview2


And on up the river I went, this is just above the golf course.riverview3


I stopped here and there enjoying the day. I was going real slow. The water was so flat I didn’t have to paddle much.riverview4


This view is just below the Vacation Beach summer dam and crossing.riverview5



This picture shows the summer dam is out and they still have to come and get the bridge before the winter rains start.bridge2


I paddled up under the bridge and then turned around and started a leisurely trip back down the river.

The water was a mirror today, most everywhere I looked. This picture is just above Monte Rio as I was paddling back down the river.riverview6


More mirror views as I paddled back down the river.riverview7


I made it back to the Monte Rio bridge and stopped underneath it for a bit.bridge3


All of a sudden this otter pops up about twenty feet in front of me. It has something in it’s mouth, but I can’t make out what?otter


About the same time this heron flew into the trees right where the otter went to, so I was distracted getting it’s picture and I lost the otter.heron


A real scenic day on the river. As you can see it’s a beautiful river to kayak.

Had a nice day.

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