Monte Rio to Vacation Beach Dam and Back

Wednesday, May, 8, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

Another beautiful spot to kayak on the Russian River

I looked at the weather report for Jenner today and it looked like low wind and nice. So, off I went to Jenner to Kayak for the day, but when I arrived there, it was overcast and cold, so I headed back to Monte Rio to kayak. I decided to go up the river to the Vacation Beach Damn and back as I hadn’t been up that way in awhile.

The boat was in the water around eleven AM and I headed up the stream. There’s a ripple just after you launch that is too shallow and too fast to paddle up, so I paddled to the south shore, got out and walked the yak, pulling it up though the water by the shore about a hundred yards.

Back in the boat, under the bridge and up the river I went. It was cool and the sun wasn’t out yet, so I just kept paddling up the river until I reached the area where the golf course is. This is on a big turn in the river and is very scenic. I took it easy in this area for about an hour, then continued up the river.

This is a scene of what the river looks like back by the golf course.



I took my time and made it up to the Vacation Beach summer damn and bridge, which is not in yet this year. Below is as far as I kayaked up the river, just below the damn.



I turned around here and headed back down the river on the current. As I was paddling, I heard water splashing, so I looked to see what it was. The Guerneville treatment plant was discharging water. What? I didn’t think they did that, except in the fall and winter. It’s treated water and looked ok, so I took a pic and continued down the river.



Just below that, I ran into this male Great Blue Heron, or I should say he almost ran into me as he landed right next to where I was.



The sun had come out for the day and it was warming up just a bit. The turtles were out sunning. I saw a lot of turtles today, this is the largest group of them. Note the turtle second from the left is shedding it’s shell.



Below is a picture of the river from a spot I sat for awhile showing how peaceful and nice the river was today. I didn’t see even one other boat on the river on this trip. I’m not complaining. :O)


I was back at Monte Rio by four and pulled the boat out of the water and went home for a nap.

Had a nice day paddling at Monte Rio.

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