Kayaking Up the River from Monte Rio and Back

Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

Trying to get the new blog address going and kayaking


Added Note: I’m having trouble with a lot of stuff on pages not showing up, so bear with me while I try to solve the issues.


Yes, I’m working on this new address thing. I thought I had it,  the new blog was working, but?  It somehow was tied to the old one for control and that isn’t good. While trying to fix that, the old address went belly up. I only need the old one to direct people to the new one. What to do? Don’t know, guess I’ll call my ISP a bit later and see what they can tell me.

Meanwhile, I went down to Monte Rio, met Steve there and we headed up the river for a yak. We put in the water around noon. The level was up a bit because the river’s mouth is closed at Jenner and it  backs it way up to this area.

Here is a view of what the river looked like as we headed up  stream.



We took our time paddling up the river. The view below is of the Bohemian corner where we spent some time, before continuing up the river.



This Green Heron flew in near where I was sitting. Note the long neck.



Below is what the green heron looks like with it’s neck retracted.



There was the occasional turtle sunning along the shore line.



And this old great blue heron was sunning too. I wonder how many times I’ve taken this old guys photo?



We were headed up to the Vacation beach summer dam and bridge. We almost got there, but the water was too shallow at this spot, so we turned around here and headed back down the river.



There were quite a few little ducks out today. Here are three little mallards.



And here is a merganser group. They tend to have large families. I counted sixteen in this group, if I remember right.


We arrived back at the Monte Rio boat ramp just after five PM.

Had a nice day.

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