Taking it Easy and Working on Van Projects

Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

A chair and a cutting board

Just a note: I am still having problems getting my blog transferred to bobseyes.net  . Things may crash, but I’ll be back eventually, if they do. So far, the old address is still working but not the new one. The new address, bobseyes.net is taking you to my old web page where I’ve put a note to get to my blog at the old address, just in case.


Due to heavy wind today, the plan was to stay home and do some projects that weren’t too hard on my back.

I started off by finishing up the van chair I started to fix yesterday. I cut some metal brackets for the bottom and welded them on and painted them. Remounted the seat cushion with a staple gun and screwed the seat and base back on.

Here it is from the bottom showing the metal straps I welded on for reinforcement. The hanging material will get stapled to the base board. I made the base board yesterday as it was all cracked up.


This chair really makes my van work well when I have to stay inside a long time, such as for bad weather. The van isn’t high enough for one to stand up, so a good seat is a must and one with wheels helps a lot too. When I’m cooking I can turn and wheel a bit to get stuff. It’s very comfortable, very similar to sitting in my kayak when I lean back in it.

Here’s the chair all finished up. It has a real strong feel to it now when you sit in it. I need to do something about the cracks you can see near the top. I think I can get a vinyl repair kit that may fix that. And by the way the thing in the background is a chain off a bulldozer track, if that helps?



After that I had some thing to eat and a break and then went back to it.

My wooden cutting board in the van was falling apart. Mostly because it shrinks and swells in the weather and the glue was failing, so it needed to be replaced. I also found that when I’m working with dough, it doesn’t stick to the plastic one like it does to the wooden one, so this is a big improvement.

So next up was to mount my cutting board in some kind of slide so it can be removed to use someplace else and for cleaning purposes. I was going to screw it down, but decided it would just give me more cracks for dirt  to hide so this is what I came up with, so far.

I think I’ll trim the board on the right, down a bit and likely put a metal angle piece on the left, to replace the wooden piece, as I had to drop the unit for it to fit under my oven stove, so now the gallon water jugs won’t quite fit under it. So, I’ll put the spacers back in it that I took out, which I couldn’t at the time remember why I put the spacers in there in the first place. :O) Realized my mistake as soon as I put a water jug under there and it wouldn’t fit anymore.

Here is the new cutting board mounted next to my oven stove


All that wasn’t too hard on my back today and it’s feeling a bit better each day. Maybe working it will make it stronger? :O)

Had a nice day, I enjoy working on these types of things, as it really is to my benefit when I’m traveling.

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