Kayaking Up the River to Marcum’s Hole

Monday, Apr. 1, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Went up the river today, two miles and back again

It looked like it might shower a bit today, so I put my rain gear on, just in case and left for Jenner around ten thirty am. Since it’s holiday time, there were a few kayakers at Jenner on the water already. The boat was in the water by eleven. I crossed over to the island and slowly worked my way up the south side of the river, taking my time as I went.

A good day to go up the river a bit.

It seemed like a good day to go up the river a ways and see what was going on. I don’t always go up the river very far as it just isn’t necessary, but once in awhile it’s a good idea, just to see what’s going on up there, just above Jenner.

So, I paddled up the south side of the river taking my time. There was a little breeze and it was a fairly warm day considering a storm was just passing. When I got to the Eagle’s landing area I took a good break for about an hour on the water just watching the bird life and a few seals in the water. After awhile, I continued on up the south side of the river, under the bridge at highway 1 and up to the Willow Creek area.

Can’t get into the Willow Creek area today.

I was thinking of going into the Willow Creek area, but it was low tide and sure enough, it was too shallow for the boat to enter the creek, so up the river I continued.

Did I mention it was spring time here?

It’s spring here, so wild flowers are starting to bloom along the river banks and the vegetation is lush, as can be seen in the picture below of a spot just below the highway 1 bridge.



When I got to the Willow Creek area, it was too shallow to enter, but I took this picture of up the river view from there, toward Marcum’s hole which is just about in the center as far as you can see on the river.



Some lazy ol seals on the river.

On the way to Marcum’s hole, there are some redwood stumps and logs sticking out of the water that a few seals like to nap on. A few of these restful seals in the picture below.



Aren’t they cute? They look so lazy, likely full of fish. :O) Below, you can see a couple of real lazy looking ones.



There were also a couple hundred cormorants on the beach just above the seals, also likely full of fish. No pic of them.

Headed for Marcum Hole.

I continued on up to Marcum hole, I guess about two and a half miles or so above Jenner.

Below is a picture of what Marcum’s hole looks like. It’s about a hundred yards in diameter and fifty feet deep, the deepest hole in the river.



I sat at Marcum hole for about an hour observing and napping, taking it easy enjoying the day.

Below, is my view up the river from my spot on Marcum hole. Nice day, eh?




An otter surprised me.

While I was resting there with my eyes closed I heard a splash and opened my eyes. An otter had entered the hole and was fishing in front of me.

Below you can see this otter, as it surfaced with a small fish in it’s mouth that it consumed.



I followed the otter down the river.

The Otter detected my presence and left, heading down the river, so I followed heading down the river also. Just below the hole was this goose with it’s head down on the ground,…….hiding?

Looking around, I spied another goose a little higher up on the beach in a spot that looked like it was nesting, so maybe they are a pair doing their thing.

Below you can see the goose with it’s head down.



The otter lost me.

The otter seemed to have lost me, so I continued down the river. A great blue heron took off and landed in the pasture close by, so I took this photo of it. It’s a male, the beard and the black on it’s shoulders and head are the indicators for male Great Blue Heron’s.

Below is a picture of the male great blue heron in the pasture.



The otter found me, I think.

I continued down the river past the highway one bridge stopping along the way. Just below the bridge, I was napping again and heard something and opened my eyes, but before I could get them in focus, something jumped off the rocks six feet by me and made a big splash and then splashed in the water in front of me also, but my eyes where too slow to see it. I thought this must be an otter or two. I backed up and looked for a sign of something, but I didn’t see anything, so I continued down the river, keeping my eyes open for otters.

Not long after that, I spied one heading down the river, fishing along the south shore line. It seemed real cautious. I was able to get a picture of this otter. I continued to follow this otter as it fished down the river, staying ahead of me. Eventually, I saw it run into two more otters. It must of told those otters about me, as they all disappeared from sight, so I continued down the river watching for more otters.

Below is a picture of one of the cautious otters fishing down the river in front of me.



A little further down the river, just above Penny Island I saw the otter again, but it dived and was gone for the rest of the day. Continuing down the back side of Penny Island I enjoyed a slow paddle. I took a break in the slot by the west end of the island for awhile, then paddled to the west end of the island where some seals where messing around in the water, which I watched for awhile.

Time to call it a day.

By this time I was getting tired and a bit hungry,so I decided not to go down to the river’s mouth today, but instead headed back to the visitor’s center take out.

Another nice day on the river.

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