A Nice Afternoon Kayak at Jenner

Sunday August 25 2013 Jenner, CA.

Just seemed like that is what I should do today

I met Steve down at Jenner around 2 PM today to kayak. We headed across the river, then on up the south side.

There were a lot of white pelicans sitting on big redwood logs on the east end of Penny Island.

Here are some of the white pelicans as we paddled by them.pelicansfoggy


This pelican is coming in for a landing. Such a graceful bird for such big guys.pelicanlanding


There were also a a couple snowy egrets resting on the logs too.egrets2


I got a  good close shot of this egret.egret



There were also a couple seals resting on submerged logs too. They can look just like logs sometimes and are hard to spot. Here is one of them.seal


We slowly worked our way up the south side of the river to Eagle’s landing. Just past that an osprey was perched in a tree high in the sky. Note those big claws on it’s feet, good for snagging fish.osprey


We crossed over the river to Paddy’s rock where these birds were sitting on the gravel bar just below it. Mergansers and cormorants.birds


While we were sitting by Paddy’s rock, something must of spooked the pelicans as they appeared overhead circling for awhile before going back to their spot and landing.pelicans


We then crossed back over the river to the south side and continued up for a ways were we sat some more. This is the view up the river from there, looking at the highway 2 bridge.view


We stayed up there most of the day until evening, around seven, when we started working our way down the backside of Penny Island and toward the river’s mouth, which is open by the way.

The fog had moved back in. There were a lot of birds down there and some seals swimming around in the water.sealsfoggy

We dallied down there just for a bit before heading back to the launch area at the visitor’s center, where we took our boats out of the water and headed on home.

Nice day kayaking Jenner.

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