Last Day on this Adventure

Shasta Camp, morning

Was up to an over cast day, but it was warmer than it has  been for me. I took my time getting going today. Made a pot of coffee for he thermos and was on the road around ten AM.

Traveled down the highway.

I went down highway 5 and turned East on highway 32, which leads toward Chico, but I turned south before getting there on highway 45.

I only stopped one place to check out a launch area for kayaking on the Sacramento River. It looked ok.  Boots where coming in with fishermen and also duck hunters. I didn’t’ stay long and continued south on 45 until I got to highway twenty at Colusa. I headed home though the Lower Lake area and was home about 5:30 pm.

Another Adventure comes to an end.

It was a good adventure, didn’t go as planned, but maybe that’s part of what makes a good adventure.

I was lucky I didn’t get any more snow then I did. I had to use four wheel drive about four times in some real snotty stuff three times and one time in some loose sand, at the Shasta camp site. I would have been serious stuck more than once without it. I guess if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t go in those kinds of places? :O)

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