Shasta Camp

Shasta Camp, Oct. 26th 6 PM

I zipped right down 97 right into California. Where have you been asks the guy at the state Ag. inspection station. The Klamath Falls area I say. He waves me though and I speed on my way.

Camped just across from Mt. Shasta, I think.

Highway 97 and CR A-12 is where I turned right and went down the road about a quarter mile and turned left into a forest looking camp spot.

A little too near the highway and the intersection, but it will do.

Below is a picture of what I think is Mt. Shasta clouded over.



My van is camped here and it’s starting to rain, I hope that is just an evening shower and not the start of another snow storm. :O)


I will stay the night here and then continue down the highway to the Highway 32 turn off to highway 45 which will take me south along the river, more or less. I just want to cruise down this way, along the river and check the area out. I don’t plan on staying in this area along the river, so should be home soon.

A warm evening, 7:30 PM.

I just finished dinner and am now taking it easy. I’m surprised how much warmer it is here than where I’ve been. It must be a welcome fifteen to twenty degrees F. warmer, at least so far, we’ll see what the morning brings. Great time.

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