Sprague River camp, Day 2

Morning at camp site 1

This morning I woke up just before day light. It was fairly cold, but it was colder in Nevada. I decided to stay in  bed for awhile yet, before lighting the heater.

A couple hours later, I reached up and lite the heater. When it was a a bit warmer, I got up and got dressed, made a pot of coffee for the thermos and waited patiently for the sun to shine. It tried a a couple times, but it doesn’t look like it is going to do that much today.

Below is my first Sprague River camp, early morning, just before I left. No sun, over cast.


Broke camp and moved down the river about a half mile or so.

Where Williamson River Rd, meets CR 858 is a nice place for even the biggest RV’s to boon dock, right next to the river and there is a good launch area here too.

Good camp area and launch site.



I already came though a similar mud area to get here coming down a long a dirt road by the river, where I had to engage the four wheel drive. It was snot, but I was able to get off the mud road and go though some grass to get by it. This one looks bad, but I will try the tracks though the grass on the right to hopefully miss this mess. Glad I’m not in a car.



The below picture is looking west on the Sprague River. It’s morning around 11 AM and not much sun and a bit chilly out.


I did remember to pull my crawdad trap in this morning. One big one and one little one and one bull head looking fish about five inches long. I put them all back in the river. I think the critter competition here might be hard on the guys.

The question now, is what to do now. It’s a bit chilly to kayak the river and have fun. Maybe it’s time to head home? Or?

I made it out of that mud hole, but just barely.

I thought I’d get around that mud hole easily, but I was wrong. It was so snotty, that I had a hard time getting onto that grassy stuff to the right. Enough speed and I finally made it out of the mud and onto the grass and then it was a chinch.

From there I took the main road back up the river to where I first came on this part of the river, a dirt road with a boat launch. The sun finally came out, so I’ve spent most of the day here, deciding where to go next and when.

So, what’s the plan?

The plan is to stay here a for about another hour, then head on in to Klamath Falls, OR. and gas up and maybe post these blogs to the internet if I can find a place to connect.

Then head down 97 for an  hour or so and find a camp spot.

Tomorrow, then what?

I plan to head south on 97 down to around Orland, Ca., turn east on highway 32 and head down highway 45 along the Sacramento River to check out this area. Either stop in this area for the day, night or head home after that.

So, that’s the plan. Nice out as long as the sun is out.

Indian Casino just north of Klamath Falls, 3:00 pm.

I saw this casino just north of Klamath Falls, so I thought I’d see if they have internet access. Oh,…………. gas, good, I’ll get some here. Internet access in the coffee shop.

Good to go, I’m headed down the highway now, hoping to find a camp site along the way in an hour or two.

97 headed south

Need to get rid of my apples. I found internet access at a rest stop in Oregon. Headed out 4 pm.

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