Rain Makes Things Wet So I Worked Around It

Wednesday May 13, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rain this morning

We got some more rain this morning but then it tapered off to light showers for the rest of the day on and off.


I checked on the little peeps to see how they were doing. As long as they stay in the pen they are safe from the hawk that got one of them.peeps


I did a lot of chair hopping and quite a bit of in house today until late in the afternoon when the sun popped out for a bit.

Working on the van’s engine cover

I needed to trim back the insulation on my van’s engine cover as I want more air to flow through, so I sharpened up a knife and cut it back then made and installed a metal strip to hold the remaining insulation in place.lid


Metal strap installed

I drilled and screwed the insulation to the cover with my metal strap.strap



I thought it would look better with some paint so I put a coat of paint on it for now. Maybe a couple more coats of paint eventually.paint


I’m finishing up the van project with just a couple more small things to do.

Wired the new chicken gates

I also cut the wire for two more chicken gates and started installing it to the welded up rebar.wire


I used some hog nose clips to attach a couple of the sides. The clips make for a tidy job and make it easier to attach the wire to the rebar.gates


Gate testing

Late in the day I was letting the chickens out to graze using the new door to the left, but they weren’t seeing the door to get out. They were more concerned with me thinking they were going to get something to eat.chickens


So I put a little food by the door and one of them came out.gate


It wasn’t long before they all found the new door and came out to graze around the yard.birds


Head rooster

There’s Carmelo the rooster with a few of his hens.carmelo


It was one of those days when I don’t get much done as most stuff was all wet, even though the temperature was nice.

I did what I could and mostly enjoyed the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Carmelo sure is a handsome rooster!
    Warm rain is nice. It doesn’t freeze!!!

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