Log Jam in the Forest and a Muddy Chicken Pen

Wednesday December 22, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Working in the woods day

The weather guys said it was going to rain today but when I got it going it was just a mist, so my plans for the day changed.

Cleaning up a log jam

I rode on up into the hills to remove this log jam as it’s in a drainage area and causing water to flow out of the drainage ditch and washing out some stuff below. Log jam.logjam


Redwood log

Here it is from the other side where I decided to work on removing it. I thought the redwood log was smaller in diameter and would make some good log chairs for the woods but the log is a little large for that.log2


Logs cutup

I cut the log into about six foot sections so I could handle them, sorta.sawed



To help roll the logs to where I wanted them I put some smaller logs down for tracts.tracls4


Rolling the log

I need to roll this redwood log over to the right of the log I already rolled with the green rain coat on it, to the right of that.tracks5


I got the log this far and almost in place.log6



I used a smaller log to lever the big log to  move it when it wouldn’t roll easily.lever7


I’ve almost got the redwood log where I want it by the large log on the right with the green rain jacket on it.track8


Clear and open

I got that last log into place and you can see the water drainage area is clear and open now.ditch9


Starting to get wet out

The mist must of turned to light rain or drizzles as the drops off the trees were getting bigger and more and getting me wet so it was time to leave and head for  home which I did after loading up my tools.

I rode on down this fire break trail on the way home.break10


Muddy chicken pens

Once home I needed a break but not too long as I wanted to put some woodchips in the chicken’s pen as it’s getting muddy in there from the rains. This is where I want to put the woodchips.pen11


And in this muddy area too.mud12



So I got my dump truck out and loaded it up with woodchips. I thought it would take two loads but it took three. I really only had the energy to do two but I got it done.pile13


I dumped the chips in here and will let the chickens spread them out.mulch14


I still had some daylight left so I sat around in the yard for a bit.

Grapevine pruning

While doing so I noticed the grape vine on this gate could use some pruning so I worked on doing that until dark.vine


Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    My, you sure keep busy! Good job!
    Those logs look big and heavy, even 6′ lenghts would be tough to move around.

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