Looking For Crawdads At Wildcat Creek Unsuccessfully

Tuesday September 21, 2021 Troy Oregon

Crawdad hunting day

Marty and I  were sitting in our chairs making plans for the day at Eden Bench when we noticed these deer approaching us like they owned the place and they likely did.deer1


A couple of them walked right up to us within ten feet which surprised us.deer2


We didn’t have anything for them so they wondered off.

Plans for today

So our plans for the day were to go up the Grande Ronde River 7 miles and then look for Wildcat Creek were I knew there was a good spot to get some crawdads without too much trouble. The only problem is I hadn’t been there for at least 20 years so I wasn’t quite sure where the creek was and the maps we had weren’t showing it.

Adjusting the engines idle

I wanted to adjust the idle on the engine as it was idling too high and sometimes not returning to the stop which would confuse the computer and could cause my hesitation problem and engine dying problem. That’s because the computer uses the stop to index things to know how to control the engine and if when you go to idle and it does not hit the stop the computer  may get confused and be causing all my problems so I worked hard to get it right this time.

Adjusting the engine idle linkage.linkage4


Headed to Troy to Post

Once the linkage was adjusted we loaded up and headed to Troy to use the internet.

Going down the steep hill road to Troy we could see this old ranch across the valley.ranch3


And this was the view of Troy as we started down the hill.troy5


Wenaha Bar and Cafe

We drove on into Troy to the Wenaha Bar and Café to use their internet. I checked my email and posted my blog.

Looking for Wildcat Creek

Then we left town headed up river 7 miles and continued on the road looking for Wildcat creek where I knew we could get lots of crawdads easily as I’d done it about 20 years or so ago, but now I forgot where the creek was on the road. Wildcat creek flowed into the creek that went along the road somewhere so we drove up and looked for it.

We stopped often to look for the creek along the road.vans7


This was the creek along the road but we couldn’t find Wildcat Creek which would flow into this creek.creel8


Lunch stop

We went up that road about 6 miles looking for Wildcat creek but didn’t find it so we turned around and looked for that darn creek all the way back to here where we stopped to have a late lunch.lunch10


Not on our maps

After lunch we dug out the maps we had and took a hard look for the creek but the maps we had just weren’t good enough and it wasn’t listed.

One more try to find it

We decided to cook up a few pieces of lunch meat for bait and go back up the road a ways and try to see if we could attract any crawdads as Marty wanted some to use for bait to fish.

We stopped here where the creek goes under the road in a big culvert and put some bait in the water and waited a bit to see if any crawfish would be attracted. vans11


No luck here. It was late in the day and it was getting too dark in the creek to see things like crawdads moving in the water on the rocks.

Since it  was getting late we decided to drive up the road about a mile and give it one last try for the day and stopped in this spot to check out the creek and put out the bait for the crawdads.vans12



The spot was a little steep for Marty to get down at his age so he stayed up on the road and supervised.marty9


I put several pieces of bait in the water and watched for crawdads. I did see one of them but it wasn’t attracted to our bait.creek13


Headed to camp

We waited twenty minutes to give them a chance to find the bait which they didn’t so we picked up the bait and headed on down the river towards Troy along here.road14


We turned off on this road just before getting to Troy which goes to Grizzly Flat camp spot by the Wenaha River where we will camp tonight.

Wild turkeys

Driving up the road I spooked these wild turkeys out which ran up the road in front of me for a bit before heading on up the hill.turkeys15



There were already some people in the camp spot we wanted so we settled for another spot here. This was our sunset at Grizzly Flat.sunset16


Nice day.

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