Lots of Lakes in the Refuges, But No Place for Boats

Saturday May 27, 2017 Sprague River Oregon

I got on the road around ten this  morning leaving the little lake I stayed at last night. It was a peaceful night.

I drove mostly south going down this road. Lots of water, but it’s a refuge so not much for boats. As a matter of fact the boating sucks here.lakes


Hart Mountain Refuge

I’m just entering Hart Mountain Antelope refuge.hart



This antelope was hanging around the road until I came by then it took off as antelope do.antilope


I went by lots of cattle grazing the spring grasses.cattle


Not many antelope in sight

Even though it’s an antelope refuge, these are all I saw of them besides the first one.lopes


Not much for boating here

The refuge had one little pond that could be fished and boated. I drove up a four wheel road to get to it. Disappointing after seeing all the other lakes they have in the area, lots of them. I stayed only long enough for a little break and continued on.fishpo nd


Lots of farmers and ranchers were out doing what they do in the spring.tractor


Camped on the Sprague River

I wasn’t sure where I was going to land for the night, but I finally settled on this spot on the Sprague river.van


Tomorrow’s plan

The river here is a bit muddy and moving a little, but not bad. I don’t plan to put my boat in here, but plan to continue south tomorrow, maybe stopping along the way, or making it on home. We’ll see how the day goes.

Nice day

Posted from Klamath Falls Oregon

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m hoping to get our yak out again soon, before the grasses grow too tall in our pond. It has been much calmer. You found another sweet overnight spot by the river. Like to see the antelope in action!

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