Continental Divide Trail Day 5

Friday July 28, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Idaho

Entering Idaho

We broke camp around nine AM and were on the road with Dennis and Cheryl leading the way.lunch


We drove across some nice country.road1


This antelope took off running as we approached.antelope


We were supposed to go through this road, but it was blocked and used by the bicycles.blocked


So we regrouped and found a different way.road5


What the heck is this moose up to

We saw this moose by this fence in a field and it wasn’t leaving as we approached.moose


It came over by us.moose1


Something was going on.moose3


Here’s the reason

We eventually discovered the reason. This young one couldn’t get through the fence yet.calf


We left them there and continued on down the road.road2


We passed these geese by a river.geese


And this old cow was racing me for a  bit.road3


We went through some forested areas as we came into Idaho.road9


Sometimes we had to stop for a pow wow to determine where we were.road10



We came into the is little settlement.town4


Dave and Joann’s

We were headed to camp at our friends house in Idaho Falls. Dave and Joanne’s house where we spent the night.vancamp


They went out to dinner and I stayed home.

Nice day cruising around the woods.

Posted from Pinedale Wyoming

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