Marty and I Do Some Work Up in the Forest, Maybe Too Much

Friday June 17, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

Marty came by today to help  me do some work in the forest. We shot the bull for a bit then hopped on the machines and rode on up into the forest taking a chainsaw and some chairs up with us.rides


Chairs to the spring

We stopped here at the spring to deposit the chairs.ridiing2



We got a drink of spring water and then tried the chairs out for a bit before continuing on up the  hill.spring3


We stopped here to throw some sticks off the road.sticks4


Tree removal

This is the reason we brought the chainsaw up with us. I cut the old dead tree up enough to push it off the road.log5


Then we rode on to the next downed tree and worked on getting it off the road so we could get by.tree6


That’s better. That was pretty much all the work I had planned to do,……….But.cleared7


Break at the overlook

We continued to the top of the hill for a break.top9


The view of Guerneville from that spot.top8


Expending energy

After a good break we started back down the hill and ran into these downed trees. We were already tired out from taking the other trees off the road. This was a bigger mess than the other ones and I wasn’t sure we had enough energy to clear these out but we started on them.trees10


Got it done, barely

We got those trees cleared but were now pretty tired out and I said to Marty any more and we turn around and go another way.cut11


Old trail

We took another way home down this trail which was nice.trail12


It was 5 when we got back to my house so Marty took off for home. All the work really aggravated my sore hip and I could barely walk without a lot of pain. I needed my walking stick to get around and things hurt real good. I got he cold pack out and laid down on it until it got dark and I had to go out and put the chickens away for the night. The cold pack helped a lot and I could move without too much pain.

I need to learn not to overdue it. :O)

We had a nice time working up in the forest and got some work done and some exercise.

Nice day.

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