Weed Mowing, Board Making and the Broody Hen

Thursday June 16, 2022 Guerneville CA.

New shelf board

I checked on the new shelf board I epoxied last night to see how it was doing. It’s doing just fine and I’ll work on it a bit later today.board1



But first I need to do some more weed mowing here.weeds2


And here under these apple trees.trees3


I worked on the mowing throughout the day on  and off as my body would allow.

Mulberry tree

I noticed my mulberry tree berries are starting to ripen so I’ll be eating on those soon.berries4


Back to working on the board

I needed to trim the sides off the new board so I marked it and sawed off the ends.cutting5


Then I trimmed the corners and sanded it smooth.shelf6


I’ll be replacing this plastic one soon, but not today.plastic7


More mowing

In the evening I finished off the weed mowing and it looks much better.mower8


I’m mostly mowing the weeds for fire protection and so I can get around easier. Looking nice is just extra.trees9


Broody hen

I checked on the broody hen I transferred to the tote box nest last night after dark. She seems to be doing just fine.hen


I have another hen going broody and I’ll transfer her too as soon as she gathers enough eggs. They seem to like ten to 12 eggs to sit on.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Welcome home to regular chores.

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